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Homeschool Student Resources

Homeschool Student Resources

OU has admission counselors assigned to each prospective homeschool student who will guide them and their parents through the application process. On this page, you’ll find resources and application information specifically for homeschooled students.

Concurrent Enrollment

Start earning college credit while in high school with OU's Concurrent Enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors!

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Student Life

Whether you're looking to join a local ministry or academic clubs, play intramural sports or learn more about your passions, there is a place for everyone at OU!

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Parent Guide

Everything your parents need to know to help guide you through the college application process, scholarships and financial aid, enrollment, and more at OU! 

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Application Resources

The homeschool administrator will submit an official copy of your coursework from 9th through 12th grade. The transcript should list the academic years, grades earned, and the credit earned. The transcript should be signed and dated by the administrator. If you are attending an online public or private school, the school would send the official transcript.

If you are a homeschooled student, you register for the ACT the same as everyone else, either by paper or online. The only thing that will be different will be when you fill in your ACT high school code. For homeschoolers in the United States, it is a universal number: 969-999

Other standardized tests depend on high school state requirements to graduate.

At least one letter of recommendation is suggested, but we will accept up to three letters of recommendation. Choose someone who knows you well to write your letter.

Curricular requirements are composed of the following 15 required units:

  • Basic Skill Requirements:

    • 4 units of English

    • 3 units of Math

    • 3 units of Laboratory Science

  • History and Citizenship Skills Requirement

    • 1 unit American History

    • 2 units over History or Citizenship

  • Guided Electives

    • 2 units

Grey Lloyd


Grey Lloyd, Homeschooled Student

"Experiencing the welcoming environment of the campus on my visit convinced me that this was a place where I would love to spend 4 years."

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Frequently Asked Questions

An employer, community group leader, church leader, co-op teacher, etc. 

If your parent is your homeschool administrator, they would submit an official copy of  your coursework from 9th through 12th grade. The transcript should list the academic years, grades earned and the credit earned.  The transcript should be signed and dated by the administrator.

If your grades and transcripts are issued by another institution (online school, private or public online school) an official copy of the transcript should be sent by the institution.

OU does not request verification of high school grades via an external test.

Each applicant is reviewed holistically. Homeschooled students are reviewed using the same admission criteria as those students from traditional high schools.

Test scores must be sent to OU directly from ACT or the College Board to be considered official.

According to the Regents Policy, homeschool students who graduate ahead of their class are not admissible as an incoming freshman. However, students who attend an accredited online public or private school are eligible to graduate early.

Jill Manning

Chloe Brengman

Admissions Counselor
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Kimberly West

Director of National Recruitment
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