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Financial Support Documentation

Financial Support Documentation

Under U.S. immigration law, you must verify sufficient financial documentation of funds available for study in the U.S. for you and your dependents, as applicable. Note: If a financial document is under someone else's name, the account holder must fill out a Financial Support Letter to be submitted with the financial document.

Financial documents must clearly state bank name and logo, account number (partial is acceptable), account holder's name, date of statement, and account balance. Date on financial document cannot be more than 90 days ago.

All non-US citizens applying to study in the U.S. are required to demonstrate financial support equivalent to annual academic and living expenses. View our estimated costs.

Acceptable Financial Documents*Unacceptable Financial Documents
  • Scholarship Letters
  • Bank and Investment Statements/Letters
  • Certificates of Deposit and Fixed Deposits
  • Business Accounts (with owner support and proof of ownership)
  • Loans
  • Letter from Sponsoring Agency
  • Certificate of Surrender Value of Life Insurance Policy
  • Property¬†
  • Valuables (jewelry, antiques, etc.)
  • Nonliquid Assets and Investments
  • Letter from an Accounting Firm
  • Income Tax Return
  • Support from Another F-1 or J-1 Student who is not spouse/parent
  • Documents Older Than 90 Days
  • Life Insurance Premium Paid Certificate

*If you have another type of financial document, please submit the financial documentation as requested. We will review your document and let you know if it is acceptable.