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Non-Degree Admission

Non-Degree Student Types

  • Undergraduate Readmission - It has been more than one semester and a summer term since the students last attendance at OU, a student has completed a degree after their last enrollment at OU, or the student was suspended after their last enrollment at OU.

  • Undergraduate Visitor Student - Non-degree, visiting students.

  • Post-Baccalaureate Non-Degree - Students holding at least a Baccalaureate degree who wish to take undergraduate courses without pursuing a degree, including students who wish to take undergraduate prerequisite courses for medical, dental, optometry, or veterinary schools.

Undergraduate Readmission

Students may file an application for readmission if:

  • It has been more than one semester and a summer term since your last attendance as a degree seeking student at OU
  • You have completed a degree after your last enrollment at OU
  • You were suspended after your last enrollment as a degree seeking student at OU

Students who only enroll for summer terms (summer to summer students) do not need to reapply unless you graduate or break your continuous enrollment for a summer term.

How to Apply

Students who have attended OU previously as degree-seeking students are not considered transfer students, even if transferring in with additional coursework since leaving OU.

Apply as a transfer student if you have only attended OU as a non-degree student and have seven or more college credits.

Apply as a freshman if you have attended OU only as a non-degree student and have six or fewer college credits from other colleges or universities.

Application Deadlines

April 1 – Summer Semester

June 1 - Fall Semester

November 1 – Spring Semester

*Suspended students see below.


To be mailed once the online application is submitted:

  • Official transcripts from every institution attended SINCE leaving OU
  • Any transcripts outstanding from your previous enrollment
  • For suspended students only: a letter of appeal.

All transcripts, test scores, correspondence or other materials submitted in conjunction with an application for admission become the permanent property of the University and will not be returned. Should you need copies of your transcripts for other purposes, you must obtain them from the originating institution(s).

Suspended Students

Students applying for readmission that have been suspended once for academic reasons from OU or another institution of higher education in Oklahoma may apply for readmission beyond the semester in which he or she was suspended. 

Such readmission is not automatic but is decided on an individual basis. The student must submit an application for readmission, a letter of appeal, and all required transcripts to the Admissions office by April 1 for a fall and summer semesters and November 1 for spring semester. The letter of appeal should include an explanation of the student’s previous academic record, information about the student’s activities since suspension, and reasons why an exception to the requirements for admission to the University should be made. A student who has been suspended twice from the University is not eligible for consideration for readmission until that student has attended another accredited college or university and raised his/her GPA to the University’s retention standards.

Application Deadlines for Suspended Students:

April 1 - Fall & Summer Semester

November 1 - Spring Semester

If you are applying for the Norman campus, mail materials to:

University of Oklahoma
Office of Admissions
1000 Asp Ave Room 127
Norman OK 73019-4076

If you are applying for the OU-Tulsa campus, mail materials to:

University of Oklahoma-Tulsa
Office of Admissions and Records
4502 E 41st St room 2C11
Tulsa , OK 74135-2512

Undergraduate Visitor

Students may apply as undergraduate visitors if:

  • They are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at another institution but wish to take courses at the University of Oklahoma
  • They wish to take prerequisite undergraduate classes as a non-degree student for the OU Health Sciences Center (or another institution)
  • They intend to participate in ROTC as a Crosstown student

Important things to remember for Visiting students:

  • You are limited to twelve semester hours of enrollment
  • University retention standards still apply
  • If you decide to enter a degree program, you will be expected to meet the regular requirements for your degree program and apply as a degree-seeking—in addition, coursework completed as an Undergraduate Visiting student will be evaluated in the same manner as any other work submitted for evaluation.

For additional international student requirements, please refer to the International Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

Post-Baccalaureate Non-degree Student

Do you already have a baccalaureate degree and want to take more undergraduate courses without pursuing another degree? You should apply as a post-baccalaureate non-degree student.

  • No deadline or academic credentials required at the time of admission. If you are applying a week before the current semester begins, please contact the Office of Admissions & Recruitment directly at 405-325-2151 for further directions. 
  • Not required to be advised prior to enrollment
  • Eligible to enroll during advanced registration based on the number of hours earned or are enrolled in as a post-baccalaureate non-degree student.

Once admitted as a post-baccalaureate non-degree student, you:

  • Are not permitted to enroll in 5000 or 6000-level courses
  • Are not permitted to receive graduate credit for 3000 or 4000-level courses
  • Are not permitted to enroll in any course that is limited to majors only

For questions, please contact Academic Advising, at (405) 325-1596.