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Application Fee Waivers

Transfer Application Fee Waivers

We know every dollar counts when you're saving for college. Here are some ways you can save $50 and get your application fee waived when applying to OU. 

Alumni Fee Waiver Code

One option is the Alumni Fee Waiver Code. Here's how you can use an Alumni Fee Waiver:

  1. Connect with a Sooner alum and ask about the Alumni Fee Waiver.
  2. Sooner alumni may request their code by contacting the Alumni Association at
  3. Start the OU Application for admission and submit it by March 1 (summer and fall semesters) or October 1 (spring semester) to be considered for general transfer scholarships.
  4. When prompted in the OU Application enter the six-digit code and the alum's first and last name.

NACAC Fee Waiver

Transfer students who are Pell Grant eligible, whose family income falls within eligibility guidelines, or who are enrolled in a program such as TRIO can:

  1. Complete the NACAC Fee Waiver form
  2. Email the completed form to

Oklahoma's Promise Eligible Students

  1. Apply using the OU Application.
    Create, complete, and submit your application. If you're eligible for Oklahoma's Promise, our OU application will automatically waive your fee when you click "submit." This means you can submit your application without paying the application fee.

  2. Apply Coalition with Scoir
    1. Create and complete your application.
    2. In the "Application Fee Waiver" portion of the application, select "Yes" for an alumni application fee waiver code.
    3. Type OKP2024 in both boxes.
    4. Finalize and submit your application.
  3. If your application fee is not waived and you are Oklahoma's Promise eligible, please contact the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at