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Craig Hayes

Craig Hayes

Director of International Admissions & Recruitment & UWC Scholars Programs

Craig Hayes is Director of International Admissions & Recruitment and the UWC Scholars Program at the University of Oklahoma. The team he leads is responsible for undergraduate international recruitment and the processing of international credentials and applications, as well as the recruitment of United World College (UWC) graduates and the coordination of the scholarship program for OU’s Davis United World College Scholars. OU currently is #1 in the United States in the enrollment of Davis UWC Scholars, with 212 students representing 79 countries.

Craig came to the University of Oklahoma as a freshman from Newkirk, Oklahoma, in 1991. Four years later he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in Political Science, and a minor in History, and immediately began his professional career at OU which now has spanned well over 20 years. After working in OU President David L. Boren’s office he joined OU’s National Merit recruitment staff in 1996. He spent almost ten years in that department, including five years as Director. Next, Craig oversaw OU’s high school and transfer recruitment efforts before beginning his work full-time with UWC students. In 2015 he added the responsibility of directing OU’s undergraduate international admissions strategy.

Best advice for a high school junior or senior preparing to apply to college:

Visit multiple university campuses to gain comparison data, but don’t focus too much of your attention on buildings and landscapes – all the bells and whistles. Make sure you meet the people. Talk with those who work in Admissions, and interact with current students, ask questions of other staff and faculty as you are visiting. The people make the place. All the other stuff is certainly nice, but don’t forget what is most important.