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Heather Arnett

Heather Arnett

Senior International Admissions Counselor 
+1 405-325-2151



University of Oklahoma
Major: French
Minors: Spanish and Japanese
Graduation Year: 2014

As a student, where did you leave your mark on campus?

As a student, I was a member of the Latin Dance Club. In my last year, I became the president of the student organization and was able to make a positive impact into how the club functioned and operated. In addition to becoming better connected with other organizations across campus, I was also able to mentor the vice president, who went on to become the next president and implemented even more lasting changes that added to the success of the organization. Now I continue to serve as the staff advisor for Latin Dance Club.

Define the OU Family in your own words.

The OU family is varied and diverse. It is a global family. It is your friends, professors, students, and colleagues. It’s a family, chosen by you, consisting of people who are full of pride to be a part of OU and who care deeply about one another.

When was the moment you felt the greatest Sooner pride?

In my first year of serving as a host parent for the Friends of International Students (FIS) program, I loved getting to know my two host students – one from Colombia and one from Spain/Poland. Being able to show them around the OU campus and Oklahoma in general, and then their desire to stay at the university, showed me again the value of OU and the pride of what we do to create a unique experience for everyone that comes to the university.

What was the greatest gift you took with you after graduation?

My appreciation for different perspectives. This has changed my life in so many ways, both professionally and personally.

Reveal one secret about campus.

One of my favorite hidden spots on campus is the Oklahoma Canyon Garden, which can be accessed by going to the lowest level of the Bizzell Library. It is a peaceful and relaxing space to take a study break and rest in nature!

What is your favorite OU tradition?

I love the homecoming parade when all of the world flags are carried by international students, and also when the tree lighting ceremony takes place in December.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s okay to admit there are some things you don’t know, or need help with. The people you will encounter during your time at OU really care about your success and are willing to lend a hand or offer advice when you need it. Be sure to make friends with the staff around campus that will have specific knowledge about your life and academics at OU (for example: getting to know your ISS advisor in case you have any visa issues or questions, or your international admissions counselor when you have questions about your application – hey, that’s me!).