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Katie Rogers

Katie Rogers

Tour Coordinator
Phone: 405-325-1290
Text: 405-292-4665

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What’s your educational background?

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Arts in Project Promotion
Class of 2016

As a student, where did you leave your mark on campus?

I left my mark on campus as a student tour guide. I gave about 350 campus tours to a little over 3,000 students during my time here. Visiting campus is the best thing a student can do for their college decision and I felt lucky to share the OU experience and OU Family with them!

Define the OU Family in your own words.

The OU Family is having more people in your corner than you ever will.

When was the moment you felt the greatest Sooner pride?

When I saw Sooners Helping Sooners (SHS) provide many scholarships to students in need. SHS is an emergency fund led by students to help their peers when they encounter a situation outside of their control. These scholarships allowed students to stay at OU and graduate. THAT is the OU Family.

Reveal one secret about campus.

The Spoonholder legend is true! If you kiss your significant other in the Spoonholder, you are destined to be married. Be careful who you take here!

What is the greatest gift you took with you after graduation?

Sooner Pride. The pride of being a Sooner is inexplicable. You only understand it after you graduate from the university.

What’s your favorite OU tradition?

Commencement. Our president hosts all graduating students in Oklahoma Memorial Stadium during graduation weekend and the students have one last hoorah. Everyone celebrates their time at OU and is sent off with a giant crimson and cream fireworks show!

One piece of encouragement I’d give to a student applying to college is...

So many other students are going through this process with you and all of OU staff and faculty have been through it, too! All of OU is here for you and is willing to do anything for you! So many people are in your corner.