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Taylor Petersen

Taylor Petersen

Admissions Counselor
Phone: 214-686-8071
Text: 405-292-4665


My regions and schools:

North Texas and West Texas

What's your educational background?

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing
Minor, Constitutional Studies
Class of 2015

As a student, where did you leave your mark on campus?

Well if I wanted to take this question as it is plainly stated I would say on the 2014 Leadership Table in the Oklahoma Memorial Union. However, that would be bragging. Instead I would say I left my mark on campus through student government, campus activities, and leadership mentoring. The Oklahoma Creativity Festival stands out as my biggest contribution to the university though. As a founding member I got to help turn a kernel of an idea into a reality. Through my three years with OCF I contributed to the expansion of creativity on campus by generating a unique outlet for student expression. I take pride in the fact that this is something that OCF continues to do to this day.

Define the OU Family in your own words.

The OU Family is simply a strong community bond. It is knowing that when you walk across campus that you will most definitely run into someone you know and then understanding that you’ll end up late to your next meeting or class because you chatted with them far too long (a frequent occurrence in my undergrad life). More importantly though, the OU Family is supportive and always there for you. The OU Family is distinctive. So distinctive in fact that my futile attempts to define it do the family no justice.

When was the moment you felt the greatest Sooner pride?

So many options here. The obvious being the day I graduated. The Big XII Student Government Conference my sophomore year stands out as another great example. OU was the host for the conference that year. Student government delegations from all the other Big XII schools came to OU and were in total awe after listening to University of Oklahoma president David Boren talk about his many years in politics. Needless to say all the other Big XII students were quite impressed and it was one of those moments where you are like, “Yeah my school is pretty spectacular.” Also there was the day my senior year when the mayor of Norman and the University of Oklahoma provost both told me my hair was great. There was a lot of Sooner pride on top of just my general pride that day.

What was the greatest gift you took with you after graduation?

The relationships I left with were the greatest gifts the University of Oklahoma gave me. Your whole life you look for the friendships and bonds that will last a life-time. At OU I got my very own squad á la How I Met Your Mother or Friends like. My own self-described “Closest Friends’” (An inside joke for them in case they ever get an urge to read this bio). But what was even more rewarding was the relationships I achieved through mentoring and being mentored in our incredible OU Family. No gift has been quite as extraordinary.

Reveal one secret about campus.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is open on most weekdays. It is actually a nice place to sit and read when the weather is cooperative. Also I was once told the view from the roof of Sarkeys Energy Center is spectacular. However, navigating through that building to the top proved too confusing for me. Maybe one of you reading this will figure it out an email me the route. Call it a challenge.

What is your favorite OU tradition?

Sooner football has and will always be my favorite OU tradition. Actually, Sooner sports in general are pretty rad.

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