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Fall Updates

Fall Updates

We’re so excited you are joining the OU Family! We are working hard to ensure that you have the best experience when you arrive on campus in August. Below are some of our plans to make sure you stay safe and happy as the OU community intends to return to campus in person for the fall semester. This is a dynamic and evolving website, so please check back regularly for the most current information. You can also visit the OU Together website for more information for incoming students.

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How is OU keeping classrooms safe?

Under the Safe and Resilient plan, we are working to provide in-person instruction to the greatest extent possible while promoting a safe and secure campus environment. We are actively exploring a number of ways to creatively adapt our instructional model to protect our community and still offer the life-changing in-person OU experience. Here’s what students can expect for their classes when they arrive on campus this fall.

  • We are adding new, smaller, in-person sections to many of our freshman-level classes to ensure that students are afforded a highly personal, face-to-face OU learning experience.
  • In an effort to facilitate effective social distancing, the class schedule will be extended throughout the day and spread out to accommodate 30-minute windows between classes, rather than the traditional 10-minute break, to limit the number of people in buildings at one time.
  • We will also utilize larger classrooms, aiming for 50-75% maximum capacity wherever practical for increased social distancing. 

For additional information about Housing and Food, safety measures while living on campus, course options, and costs, click here.

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How and when will I move into the residence halls?

While COVID-19 creates unique challenges to our fall plans, OU is taking proactive measures to create an on-campus living experience that is supportive and welcoming. To help accommodate social distancing, we are expanding the August Move-In process to take place over more days than in previous years. Housing assignments, along with Move-In day and times, have been sent to students’ OU email accounts. 

Additionally, all students who will be moving into OU Housing will be required to complete a three-step process to gain clearance to move in. This includes completing an at-home COVID-19 test, receiving a negative COVID-19 test result, and completing the university’s online health screening five days prior to their return to campus. Click here to view more information about the Freshman Move-In process and requirements. 

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How is OU keeping tuition & fees affordable?

For the third straight year, there will be no tuition or mandatory fee increases for Norman campus programs. Additionally, no online fees will apply for courses that have been moved online due to COVID-19. We understand the importance of our role as an outstanding public university to provide academic excellence while remaining affordable and accessible. We are committed to our purpose and our decisions are based upon it. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a range of uncertainty to us all, particularly financially, and we know you and your families are not immune to its effects. If your financial situation has changed, please visit with your admissions counselor. Also, OU MoneyCoaches are available to assist with creating a financial plan to help you pay for college.

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How is OU keeping facilities clean? 

The focus of the Clean and Green initiative is to help protect the OU community by keeping our facilities clean and safe all across campus. Our custodial staff and specialized contractors have worked around the clock to disinfect campus buildings and daily cleaning protocols have also been enhanced in response to COVID-19.



In the Residence Halls:

  • Common areas will be disinfected daily.
  • Common areas and community bathrooms will receive electrostatic cleaning weekly.
  • Manual faucets and toilets in common areas and community bathrooms will be upgraded to touchless fixtures.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be placed by building entryways and elevators and outside public restrooms
  • Housekeeping staff will provide additional daily hand cleaning and disinfecting with handheld electrostatic devices as needed.
  • We will install 2,300 specialized microbe-fighting devices in the residence hall towers as part of a comprehensive effort to provide students the cleanest possible campus living environment.  

On campus:

  • Classrooms, restrooms, and elevators will receive weekly electrostatic cleaning beginning in August.
  • Manual fixtures in public restrooms across all campuses will be replaced with touchless, motion sensor fixtures.
  • Air filters in HVAC systems will be upgraded across all campuses following guidance from the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and the CDC.
  • 400 additional hand sanitizer stations have been placed on the Norman Campus at building entrances, elevators, and outside of public restrooms.
FSPS Community

How can I get involved in Greek Life in the fall?

More than 6,000 current students have chosen to join the Fraternity & Sorority community at the University of Oklahoma. Each of our 56 active chapters is a member of one of our five Greek councils and each offers unique opportunities for personal growth and meaningful experiences to 29% of University of Oklahoma students. To learn more about plans for fall Greek Life recruitment and intake, click here.