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How to Send in Documents

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How to Send in Documents

Have you received document requests from your students? Here’s some information from our admissions team at the University of Oklahoma on the process.

What supporting documents are needed that a counselor would submit for students?

For the majority of direct from high school students we would need the high school transcript and counselor recommendation to be submitted by the high school or high school counselor. For some students, we will also need the official application fee waiver form as well. 

What steps should the counselor follow to send in those documents?

The first step is to find out if the student submitted the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or the OU Application. If the student submitted the Common or Coalition Application, transcripts and other documents can be submitted through that application provider’s documents process or through Naviance. If the student submitted the OU Application, the counselor should submit documents via their school’s electronic transcript provider (Parchment, Xap, Scoir, etc.) or through Additionally, they can mail the documents to us or send them directly to

Are there any deadlines associated with these documents?

Our deadlines are related to application submission rather than credential receipt. Due to this we do not have a deadline for counselors to submit these documents. That being said, the longer they wait the longer a student will wait for a decision. If they wait too long it could potentially impact the student’s decision. 

Who should counselors contact if they have more questions about sending in documents?

The first thing to do is reach out to the admissions counselor who works with your school. This is often the best resource. After that they can connect with us through