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Get Into A Closed Class

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How Do I Get Into A Closed Class?

There are several reasons students may not be able to enroll in a class, including the following:

  • They are not a student in the college or major
  • They do not meet prerequisite requirements
  • The class is closed

Consequently, students want to know, "How do I get into that class?"

  • First, you must understand that sometimes it is simply not possible to enroll in a course. Some academic units require that only those students who are majoring (or minoring) in the discipline are permitted to enroll in their courses. Many times admission to programs is determined through a competitive process and/or grade point average requirement, and the classes are available to those admitted students only.
  • When a course prerequisite is keeping you from enrolling in a specific course, it is in your best interest to simply take the prerequisite and then enroll in the subsequent course when you have met the requirement. Prerequisites are in place to ensure that students are prepared for the course content. Trying to circumvent the course prerequisite is not a good idea.
    • Occasionally, a student will have a transfer course that has not been reviewed for a course equivalency, and the transfer course could perhaps meet the prerequisite requirement. Follow the procedure for having the transfer course evaluated.
  • If you truly meet the requirements to enroll in a class, but the class is already closed by the time your enrollment window opens, you have three options: Please note: Fall 2020 in person courses will not allow any additional students than are already allocated.
    • Keep your eye on the class enrollment in If a student drops the class, you can add the class, provided it is still open when you go to enroll. If you see an opening, act quickly!
    • Visit the department office and ask if they are keeping a "wait list" of students wanting to get into the class. If they are keeping a list, ask to have your name put on the list.
    • Attend the class, anyway, on the first day, as instructors sometimes will overenroll a section, knowing that some students will drop the class after the first meeting. Speak to the instructor after the class to inquire about the possibility of being given "special permission" to enroll. NOTE: Special Permission is at the discretion of the instructor and department, but it is up to the student to get enrolled. No one else can enroll a student in a class -- not an instructor, staff person, or advisor. The instructor or department will load the electronic special permission, but it will be up to you to add the class to your schedule.