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Space Management

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Space Managment

For space request please download the form below 

                 Space Request form

                 Space Request downloadable instructions


Sent on behalf of Eric Conrad, Vice President of Operations; Kyle Harper, Senior Vice President and Provost; and Kenneth D. Rowe, Senior Vice President and CFO

The Norman Campus Space Committee was established to help address space needs and constraints as the University continues to meet our core mission objectives. While all space and property belongs to the University as a whole, stewardship of the space is distributed among the vice presidents and deans, who oversee the space occupied by activities under their control and ensure that use of that space is consistent with its assigned purpose.


The Space Committee is working with each college and department to find the best solutions for all our space needs. Please contact the Space Committee member identified in your organizational chart to guide you in your space needs.


Campus Space Committee Members:

  • Kacey Clark, Norman Campus Space Manager
  • Eric Conrad, Vice President of Operations
  • Brynn Daves, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Assistant Dean of Students
  • Melany Dickens-Ray, Associate Vice President for Research and Director, Planning and Research Facilities
  • Matthew Rom, Director of Facilities Management
  • Brian Holderread, Director of Architectural & Engineering Services
  • Beau Jennings, Director of Real Estate
  • Pam Ketner, Associate Vice President of Operations
  • Mark Morvant, Vice Provost for Instruction and Student Success
  • Jennifer Pike, Shared Services Program Manager
  • Robin Stroud, Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Laura Tontz, Director of Central Scheduling and Oklahoma Memorial Union
  • Kyle McGhee, Associate Director, Facilities Management
  • Amie Sterr-Griffin, Facilities Utilization Analyst, Architectural & Engineering Services
  • Michael Giesecke, University Operations


This Executive Memo provides additional information about space planning and allocation.


Please do not hesitate to contact your designated Space Committee member with any questions or concerns.

Eric Conrad, Vice President of Operations
Kyle Harper, Senior Vice President and Provost
Kenneth D. Rowe, Senior Vice President and CFO



Purpose:  This form provides the scope of facilities changes being requested for review and potential funding and/or approval by the Space Management Committee in their weekly meetings held every Wednesday.

Submit completed, signed form to; Kacey Clark, Campus Space Manager no later two business days prior to the committees weekly meeting for consideration.

Contact Information:

        Kacey Clark


        Office: 405-325-0851/ Cell: 405-830-6152

Contact Information and brief Description of Request:  Provide requesting department contact name, phone number, and email address along with a brief description of your request.

Justification of Request:  Provide sufficient detail to describe the project being requested.   Description should include impact on students, university mission, existing space, external impact on community, etc. Facilities Management may assist with construction related scope though no detailed design is expected at this phase.  Identify funding sources from your department for this project (Fund, Dept., Program, & Account) and if additional funding is being requested from the Space Management funds.  

Endorsement Statement and Signatures:   With the proper endorsements and signatures in place, the Space Management Committee will consider the request at the next weekly meeting.  Endorsements are as follows; the department or office making the request will prepare all the information for their Dean or Department Head to consider, endorse, and sign.  The Dean or Department Head forwards this on to their respective Vice President for their endorsement and signature.   

Authorization to Proceed: 

Once the project is authorized to proceed you will be notified by Campus Space Management.  Design will commence with a more detailed scope of the project and refined Total Project Cost Estimate Budget. With the funding identified and design completed the project will be scheduled for bidding.  


Questions about the scope and map of the affected area may be addressed with the Campus Space Manager