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College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences

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From within the stratosphere to below the surface of the Earth

The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences comprises the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, the School of Aviation, and the School of Meteorology. We are training and educating engaged individuals for successful careers in diverse sectors such as geographic information science, climatology, water conservation, land-management, aviation, meteorology, climate science, and observation technology. In short, we craft the future of the land and skies.

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Our Mission

To offer innovative and multi-disciplinary education, research, and outreach programs in an environment that empowers students, faculty, and staff to seek equitable solutions to grand environmental and humanitarian challenges;  to advance technology and propel knowledge that addresses our changing planet; and to develop engaged individuals for rewarding careers in the private sector, academia, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and entrepreneurship.

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The latest from the College of Atmospsheric and Geographic Sciences


Pigman Family Charitable Fund Gift Will Expand OU Aviation Facilities

October 03, 2023

The Pigman Family Charitable Fund has made a generous contribution to help construct a new aircraft hangar at the University of Oklahoma’s Max Westheimer Airport.

OU Experts Co-Author Fifth U.S. National Climate Assessment

November 15, 2023

The White House released the Fifth U.S. National Climate Assessment on Tuesday to inform the public and decision-makers across the nation about the status of climate change, its current impacts, and its future risks in the U.S. In addition, the report describes mitigation and adaptation responses that are occurring, as well as new opportunities for economic growth and community resilience.

Dean Berrien Moore III

"Your degrees have prepared you to advise others on how best to use Earth’s natural resources in ways that benefit humankind while minimizing negative impacts on the environment, and how to provide severe weather warnings that assist in saving lives, protecting property, maintaining a strong economy, and meeting the expanding needs of air transportation. You are now a professional in your chosen discipline and as such, have a special responsibility to use your knowledge of the Earth wisely and carefully as you embark on your career."