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College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences

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Due to continuing COVID-19 concerns, The National Weather Center (NWC) is closed to the public.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be able to see you in person soon!

OU employees resuming work in the NWC must have approval from their supervisor and be cleared through OU's COVID-19 screening process before entry to the building is allowed.

The NWC will reopen to A&GS students on Monday, August 17.

COVID-19 Screening Tool

NWC Reopening Documentation (PDF)

June 3, 2020

A&GS Inclusivity Statement

Please read the following important message from Dean Berrien Moore:

A&GS Inclusivity Letter

Welcome from the A&GS Dean's Office

Fifteen members of the A&GS Dean’s Office gather for an informal picture on the third floor of the National Weather Center.
A&GS Dean’s Office Staff (L-R): Leslie Illston, Jim Davis, Jenny Spade, Christine Reed, Kyle Sandidge, Claire Chastain, Jason Glass, Berrien Moore, Petra Klein, Mary Anne Hempe, Debbie Farris, Greg Leffler, Tanya Guthrie, Heather Murphy, Lee Anne Sallee

A&GS Degree Programs

Oklahoma is in the top five states when it comes to installed wind power capacity
The Geospatial Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S.
A geography degree opens the door to dozens of potential careers, from cartographer to regional & city planning.
From supercells to tornadoes, Oklahoma weather has it all.
A circular illustration, in dark red and white, of a handshake, a mortarboard, and the title A&GS Student Emergency Fund.



The A&GS Student Emergency Fund is an assistance program for students to access short term financial help in times of need. Due to the current public health crisis, many students lack the financial cushion needed to travel home, to find alternate housing arrangements, or to simply afford food. Some may even lack the hardware and high-speed internet access needed to successfully take classes online. The A&GS Student Emergency Fund provides a lifeline for these students. All donations will go directly to students in need.

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A&GS Spotlights

Showcasing Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Friends of the College

July 21, 2020

Student Spotlight: Taylor Stephenson

Taylor Stephenson, OU Meteorology Senior
Taylor Stephenson, OU Meteorology Senior

Academic and research facilities are an important factor in making the decision on what university to attend.  Just ask Taylor Stephenson who fell in love with OU’s meteorology program after her visit to the National Weather Center (NWC).

Now a senior in the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology, Stephenson says strong connections with classmates were crucial to her success.  “Studying with friends makes learning the material much easier…I’ve done much better on tests after a group study session, than when I studied alone.”  She strongly advises incoming students to take hold of group connections and use them to their advantage.  “Metsgiving”, an annual student gathering in the School, is one event Stephenson remembers fondly as providing a place to see classmates outside of the classroom while sharing amazing food!

Stephenson also credits her success to professional networking opportunities found in the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences.  Stephenson landed a prestigious internship with The Weather Channel in the summer of 2019.  She was hired as a Weather Producer after meeting the Vice President of On-Air Talent when he spoke to her meteorology class.  Stephenson remarks that her internship provided a fun and amazing way to see her work being broadcast to the nation.

Academic struggles can happen to anyone and Stephenson was no different.  She credits Shelby Hill, the School’s Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, with helping her through all of the “ups and downs” noting Hill was always open to help in any way she could.  Scheduling classes can always be a mammoth to tackle but Stephenson said she was never worried when she had Hill’s help, “Without her, I really would have struggled…She also reassured me when I doubted my academic abilities.”

Stephenson’s experience is proof that the right connections can lead to success.  Stephenson urges students to network and take advantage of the support offered by faculty and staff who are there to help students navigate the academic experience and find career building opportunities outside the classroom.

July 21, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Becca Castleberry

Becca Castleberry, OU Environmental Sustainability Alumna
Becca Castleberry, OU Environmental Sustainability Alumna

As a native of Oklahoma, Becca Castleberry always knew the University of Oklahoma would be her academic home someday.  Both her mother and brother went to The University of Oklahoma (OU) so she knew “following in their footsteps” was a great choice.  Castleberry also was keen on having the “big university experience, within the feel of a small town” that OU offers.  

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in 2015 in Environmental Sustainability, Castleberry became interested in wind power.  “Dr. Scott Greene sparked my interest in wind power …I decided to examine how this growing industry has impacted Oklahoma’s schools and communities for my research in graduate school.” Finishing her MS in Environmental Sustainability in 2017, her education provided her with a better understanding of what schools are facing today.  The contacts she was able to establish with Oklahoma Public Schools as part of her graduate research prepared her well for her current position as the Program Director for the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education. It is there where she gets to apply and promote geographic knowledge as a tool for understanding the complex nature of our world and everything in it. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative effect, Castleberry believes it has highlighted the need for geographic science education: “The pandemic has given many people a crash course in geography due to its widespread, yet disparate social and economic impacts…I think there will be an increasing demand for people who can think geographically, regardless of their chosen profession.”  

Castleberry’s experiences at OU gave her a look at the world as a whole and how to apply geographic knowledge. Given current events, Castleberry encourages all new Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences graduates to be aware of what is happening around them and the impacts on future research and practice.  Critical evaluation of new information, and staying informed is a must in today’s era of constantly ready information.

A&GS Friends Society

A&GS Friends. A group dedicated to helping A&GS thrive for future generations. OU College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences. The University of Oklahoma.

To support the amazing activities happening within the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, the College and its Board of Visitors is proud to establish the Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences Friends Society. Funds raised from memberships will be used to support the educational learning experience for the college’s students, faculty, and staff.

Benefits of membership include an annual membership party, AGU and AMS reception tickets, as well as special access to College events. We encourage you to make a financial contribution to support these worthy efforts and to get involved with our friends!

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