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About A&GS

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About the College of A&GS

The Mission of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences is to provide a world-class academic experience that promotes convergent, innovative and inclusive education and research at the intersections of weather, climate, and sustainability. To fulfill our mission, we are dedicated to preparing students for successful careers in the private sector, academia, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

Degrees offered through the College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences address important issues for the planet’s future, such as high-impact weather, renewable energy, and climate change.



Dean's Message

A headshot of Dean Moore, wearing a dark suit coat jacket, a white shirt with a grid-line pattern on it, an OU lapel pin, and blue and white-patterned tie.
Dean Berrien Moore III

Vision for the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences:

The College's faculty, staff, students and graduates are internationally recognized for their contributions to the knowledge of the environmental systems that manifest in weather and climate, the interdependencies between societies and their natural environments, and the transition to a sustainable civilization.

Guiding Values for the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences:

  • People - A professional community of talented, productive faculty, staff, and students with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that contribute to an integrated understanding of environmental systems.
  • Collegiality - Open and honest communication, coordination, and collaboration among the College's faculty, staff, and students.
  • Synergy - College-level strategic goals, planning, and support services that are in balance with the vision, mission, goals, constraints, and aspirations of each of its academic, research, and outreach programs, such that the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts;
  • Education - Innovative undergraduate and graduate education programs to nurture a fundamental and holistic understanding of the environmental systems that are strategically important to society at present and in the future;
  • Teaching - Rigorous and authentic instructional approaches that foster critical thinking, creativity, quantitative problem solving skills, collaborations, and lifelong learning both inside and outside the University community.
  • Research and Scholarship - Outstanding and leading-edge research and scholarship that address environmental and societal challenges of regional and global significance in geography, geoinformatics, and atmospheric science; and
  • Extension and Outreach - Information and technical applications, training, and professional development, and economic opportunities that benefit the University, commercial and government partners, disciplinary science communities, and society.