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Express Spotlights

Express Spotlights

The A&GS Express is the College's monthly newsletter. Each month, we feature members of our community and the work they're currently doing. These spotlights highlight the broad range of educational experiences and career paths that our community members experience.

The School of Aviation

A headshot of Caylin Cannady.

Student Spotlight: Caylin Cannady

March 30, 2023

Caylin Cannady came to OU because it was the perfect blend of everything she wanted from a university. She knew she wanted to pursue air traffic control, but she also knew she wanted the true undergraduate college experience.

Byron Semrau concentrates while flying a plane.

Faculty and Staff Spotlight: Byron Semrau

February 21, 2023

Not only is Byron Semrau the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for the School of Aviation, he's an alumnus of the School as well. He loves the reward of seeing students go from knowing barely anything about the field aviation to being successful pilots.

The Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability

Braelon Palmer sits on a curb, staring into the distance.

Student Spotlight: Braelon Palmer

April 29, 2023

Freshman Braelon Palmer has only been at the University of Oklahoma for two semesters, but he's already working hard to make himself part of the community.

Dolly Na-Yemeh stands in front of a waterfall.

Alumni Spotlight: Dolly Na-Yemeh

February 21, 2023

After completing her PhD with the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, Dr. Dolly Na-Yemeh started working as a Climate Adaptation Specialist with the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center. She describes her job as dynamic and functioning in a similar way to an agriculture extension position.

The School of Meteorology

Annalisa Sanfilippo sits in the cockpit of a plane.

Alumni Spotlight: Annalisa Sanfilippo

March 30, 2023

Annalisa Sanfilippo is on her way to making history: she's joining the 144th Fight Wing of the California Air Force National Guard as its first ever female fighter pilot.

Megan McClellan sits on a stone fence

Alumni Spotlight: Megan McClellan

April 29, 2023

Megan McClellan's blend of education—in meteorology, mathematics, and business—helped her become a meteorologist and the director of digital services at WeatherCall, where she makes sure people receive the critical information they need to stay safe in severe weather.

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