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April 3, 2023

Notice of Airport Road Construction

Lexington Avenue leading to our terminal building (orange markings on the photo) will be closed for complete rehab of the road! While this is exciting, it will mean that airport users will have to detour slightly. The south entrance (Berry Road to Westheimer Drive) and the north entrance (Flood Avenue to Goddard Avenue) will be available options to get around the construction. Construction is set to begin Monday, April 10th, 2023.

This construction is estimated to take 2-3 weeks dependent on weather and any unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you for your patience!

July 19, 2022

OU Max Westheimer Airport Warns of Online Pet Scams

Max Westheimer Airport at the University of Oklahoma has been made aware of a growing online scam involving the purchase and shipping of pets. In many cases, scammers are taking payment for the pets, claiming to ship them to Max Westheimer Airport and requesting additional money from their victims.

Some websites are also providing fake tracking numbers once payment has been made. Others have listed phone numbers that may look legitimate but have too many digits or do not coincide with the company’s location. Before working with a business for the first time, customers should always confirm its contact information and location with the Better Business Bureau at

As a reminder, pets are primarily shipped through major airlines or private charter companies – UPS and FedEx do not ship most animals, including dogs and cats. If the shipper is using a private charter or private airline, the customer should get specific information as to the name of the airport and the name of the company where the animal will be delivered. No company should ask for additional money after the pet is shipped. All shipping costs, including insurance, vaccinations, crates and quarantine should be included in the initial shipping fee. 

If you believe you are a victim of this scam, you can file a report with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center at

June 17, 2022

Master Plan Public Meeting Information

Airport Logo

Max Westheimer hosted a public meeting for our master plan project. The purpose of this meeting is to keep the public informed about the project as well as gather feedback from the residents of Norman. Click below for information that was shared as well as a voluntary comment form to verbalize any comments, questions, or concerns to the engineering company if you would like to participate. 


Master Plan Information

Max Westheimer Airport

A Reliever Airport for the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area

Max Westheimer Airport, owned and operated by the University of Oklahoma, is an integral component of the transportation infrastructure serving the city of Norman and the surrounding region. The airport, along with the surrounding property and complex of existing and planned activities, represents a significant regional economic asset.

Each year an estimated 20,000 visitors arrive in Oklahoma by utilizing Max Westheimer Airport.  The airport contributes an estimated $34.7 million dollars of economic activity to the surrounding community. This economic impact comes from jobs, annual payroll, annual spending, and sales tax paid by visitors on hotels, meals, rental cars, and retail spending. The Airport also supports several state law enforcement agencies which include Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Max Westheimer Airport is classified by the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission as a Regional Business Airport servicing general aviation aircraft, including business jets. The airport is also designated by the FAA as a General Aviation Reliever Airport for Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City, which is the primary commercial airport serving the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and the region.

Westheimer Airport has a staffed control tower, instrument landing system, and an Automated Weather Observation System with thunderstorm and lightning detecting in order to serve the needs of businesses, recreational pilots, and OU students and staff.  Westheimer is a full-service airport, with 120 based aircraft and handles more than 50,000 operations per year. 

1700 Lexington Ave, Norman, OK 73069