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Creative Platform

Creative  Platform

This is where it gets real. The creative platform is how we express our brand and tell a unified story.

The creative platform serves as a jumping-off point for all external-facing communications.

The Big Idea

The strength of many. The will of one.

There’s only one place where one can be many things, and many things can become one.

This is the foundation on which we build all of our communications and creative activations. It’s the central thought that all brand expressions should ladder up to.

This is not a tagline, and should not be locked up with our logo.

It may be used as a headline and as inspiration for all other messaging.

The Strength of Many. The Will of One. Image grid from the present and past at The University of Oklahoma

Design System

Design, typography, colors, photo treatments – it carries the brand from the words we use to the unified look.


Learn About Our Design System

Brand Voice

Our brand voice is what defines us when we speak. It’s the way we talk, the perspectives we take and the messages we set forth. Having a unified voice is what allows us to remain distinct and authentic as we communicate to any number of audiences.


Learn About Our Brand Voice