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Composition Examples

Our compositions use rectangular forms and flexible grids which enable us to create a variety of layouts with the same sense of organization.

All-caps headlines give lines of text a rectangular form that can fit within the gridded system, allowing type and images to interact in an interesting way. Use consistent padding around the type and images to make them feel integrated.

Here are a few examples of how to build a composition:

One Dream Made Real By Many

1. Use blocked out negative space between type for images.

2000+ International Students, 125 Countries, One Class

2. Use blocked out negative space between images for type.

There's Only One

3. Create a margin and align type and images.

Sample grid with linework

4. Use rules to create grids overtop of images. Incorporate architectural line work into the compositions.

Sample grid with boxes

5. Use rules as containers for image blocks.

Sample grid with Norman, OK 73019 to note the location of the University of Oklahoma

6. Use a flexible rectangular grid to arrange photos, creating interesting negative space, nooks and crannies for type to sit.