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Photography is a powerful tool for telling our story, showcasing the strength of many and the will of one. 

As we tell the story of “There’s Only One,” it’s important that our imagery reflects that which is truly one-of-a-kind—the moments, people, places, discoveries that only happen here.


People photography should capture subjects up close and in the moment. There should be a sense of palpable energy and emotion, authenticity and compassion. Strive to capture all corners of OU—celebrating the diverse community on and off campus, niche interests and activities, and a variety of individuals.

Two students in graduation regalia hugging.
People with flags walking in a parade.
The Pride of Oklahoma marches on the field of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.
A person performs a jump trick on a bicycle.
OU Rufnecks running in the end zone of the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium field.
A group of people practicing yoga poses while backlight by the sun.


When portraying academics, subjects should appear immersed, hands-on, active and engaged.

Showcase the bravery and determination required for a relentless pursuit of discovery and creation.

Be sure to balance moments of individual focus with group collaboration.

A group of students looking up at a tree on the OU campus.
Two students working on a computer in a lab.
Students stretching in an OU dance studio.
A man with a hardhat reaching through metal bars.
Two students with VR headsets sitting in a glass-enclosed room.
A woman with protective goggles, gloves, and a lab coat using a dropper to add liquid to a slide.


Capture the immense scale of our campus as well as up-close details and textures.

Create interesting compositions through the use of symmetry or intentional camera angles (aerial, worm’s eye, straight on, etc.)

Pink and red tulips on the University of Oklahoma campus.
A bust of a man with curly hair and a beard.
An aerial view of the University of Oklahoma campus.
A photograph of a building on the University of Oklahoma campus, looking up from the ground.
Ivy growing on the site of a building.
Students walking the South Oval on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus.


Incorporate archival photography from every decade to connect to our history, showcasing the influential individuals, milestones and cultural moments that define us and make us truly one-of-a-kind.

Retain the original colors to create a sense of authenticity.

A black and white photograph of Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher.
A black and white photograph of an OU football player with the number 5 on his jersey.
A color photograph of the OU baseball team celebrating.
A black and white photograph of a group of fraternity members.
A black and white photograph of a man wearing a cone-shaped hat.
Musicians perform on a stage backlit with red and white lights.