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Budget Revisions

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Budget Revisions

doc Budget Revision & EDR Instructions (doc)
Budget revision instructions begin on page 2.

Any funding transfer between positions, accounts, and departments requires a budget revision form or submission of a revision via the budget system.  Please see instructions to the right for further information and a copy of a hard copy budget revision.

If you are a Norman Campus employee and have had access granted to the Oracle budget system, you can go directly there.

  1. All revisions for departments within the central (01000/03000) funds must balance and should be entered in the budget system. Permanent revisions for all funds can be entered throughout the fiscal year.
  2. Temporary (current-year) revisions for all other departments not funded centrally should be submitted and routed on paper. 
    1.    An increase or decrease of estimated incomemust have a corresponding increase or decrease to an E&G expense department 1X2-XXXX.
    2. To transfer funds from 1X4-XXXX or 1X7-XXXX depts, a corresponding increase in an E&G department must be reflected in the current-year section; indicate the amount of the funding and the department to be reduced; and an increase must be made to the 191-850000 department.
    3. For increases or decreases related to OU Foundation funds, the paper copy of the budget revision form offers an area to enter the foundation account number, the E&G department affected, as well as position and employee information.
  3. Denial of an on-line revision or return of a paper copy can be due to several reasons.
    1. No fringe benefit entry to accompany changes in personnel lines.
    2. For non-central funds, lack of cash to support the budget transfer
    3. Attempt to transfer central or hard-money funds to soft money departments.

Approval Process and Flow

The approval process for budget revisions follows two routes depending on its status as a temporary or permanent transaction.  Please note that Level 1 (sponsor) is controlled by the department through FAMS.

1. Sponsor1. Sponsor
2. Dean/Director2. Dean/Director
3. Vice president3. Vice president
4. N/A4. N/A
5. N/A5. N/A
6. Fin Svcs (if applicable)6. N/A
7. Office of Budget & Financial Planning
7. Office of Budget & Financial Planning