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Consequences of non-payment

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Consequences of non-payment

Holds, Service Charges, and Penalties

To stay in good financial standing with the university, students must pay each monthly statement in full by the 25th of each month, or be up to date on the university payment plan, outlined below.

Pay this percentage of balance25%33%50%100%
Fall TermAug. 25Sep. 25Oct. 25 Nov. 25
Spring TermJan. 25Feb. 25March 25April 25
Summer Term  June 25July 25

Any balance unpaid after the 2nd payment due date in Fall and Spring will incur a monthly 1.5% Service Charge. Any balance unpaid after the 1st payment due date in the Summer incurs the monthly 1.5% service charge (18% APR). Balances carried past the end of each semester will incur an additional $50 late penalty. Service charges and late penalties will not be removed due to late or nonpayment.

When a student carries a balance and they have not made the required minimum payment according to the payment plan, a Registration Hold is placed on a student's account. Registration Holds prohibit enrollment in a future semester, and are lifted after the student makes the required minimum payment for the current month. Balances due at the end of a semester will also incur a Transcript Hold, which prohibits the release of official or unofficial transcripts until past due balances are paid. Graduating students with a balance can anticipate a Graduation Hold, which prevents distribution of an diploma, until all balances are paid in full.

HOLD on your student account?

Click here for Hold Type Originator Contact Info

Returned Check Policy

Any returned check, unpaid by the bank for any reason will be processed by the university as a returned item, assessed a $25.00 returned check charge, and could result in registration being canceled.

The university may electronically collect your returned check. Please note- OU may not accept your personal check as payment should you have a returned check charged to your account. 

Collection Procedures and Fees on Delinquent Accounts

Bursar Services provides services for past due or delinquent accounts. We assist current students and alumni with account repayment options. Non-payment of delinquent accounts will prevent students from registering for future semesters and receiving transcripts or diplomas.

Should you receive notice that your Bursar account is in default it is imperative that you contact Bursar Collections immediately at (405) 325-2320 or We can help with repayment options.

Our office works very closely with students until all obligations billed by the Bursar are paid in full. Failure to pay will result in your student account being placed with University Collections, a division of Legal Counsel, for final collection action. Once this occurs, you must deal directly with University Collections. You can avoid this action by staying in contact with our office and making satisfactory arrangements to pay outstanding obligations.

Contact University Collections directly by email at, or by phone at (405) 325-6040.

University Collections
3000 S. Berry Rd., Suite 100
Norman, OK  73072