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Severe Weather Refuge on Campus

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Severe Weather Refuge For Students/Staff/Faculty During Class/Business Hours

Building NameStreet AddressSevere Weather Refuge AreaBuilding Safety CoordinatorContact Information
Adams Center
348 W. First St.Basement, Hallways of floors 2-6 (with all doors closed);
Restrooms of floors 2-6 (with doors closed)
Adams Hall or
Price Hall
1003 Asp Ave.Room E4: Main corridor first floor of Adams;
Room 1C: Office storage; Room 1Q: Copy/storage room;
Room E5: Corridor in Adams, first floor
Andrew M.
Coats Hall
300 West Timberdell Rd.First floor, below gradeJim
Animal Holding
730 Van Vleet OvalGeorge Lynn Cross Hall BasementMike
Anne and Henry
Zarrow Hall
700 Elm Ave.Kitchen room 140; First floor bathrooms,
hallway in front of family restroom; First floor
hallway if everyone is on the floor in front of
classrooms 115, 120 and 105/110; Either one of the
stairwells if on the first floor
Armory290 W. Brooks St.First floor gym within the midshipman roomNesha
Bizzell Memorial
401 W. Brooks St.Lower levels one and two in designated areasLarry
Boomer Outreach
300 Kellogg Dr.OCCE Forum Basement; OCCE Administration BasementTom
Buchanan Hall1000 Asp Ave.First-floor bathrooms; Admissions office room 131;
Admissions office closet in front office area;
Bursar office break room
Burton Hall610 Elm Ave.First Floor Hallway; One of the interior offices
on the first floor with no windows
Carnegie Building650 Parrington OvalBasement level of the building in areas with no
outside doors or windows, for example, area at
bottom of stairs outside room 112, Men's and
women's restrooms; Hallways outside restrooms;
Interior offices and hallways, keeping all doors and windows closed
Carpenter Hall840 Asp Ave.Center Hallway on ground floorJessica
Carson Engineering
202 W. Boyd St.Subbasement and tunnelKristi
Cate Center
Dining Hall
 Closed for remodelTBDTBD
Cate Center 1 Move to Honors via covered walkway, and seek
refuge in east side first floor restrooms
Cate Center 2 First floor men's and women's restrooms and west wing first floor hallway with all doors closed.
Cate Center 332 Cate Center Dr.Second and third floor hallways for the two center
houses in each building with all doors closed
Cate Center 4 East side corridor first floor from OUPD to double doors.
West side first floor corridor between two overhead exit sides.
Ceramics Studio
and Kiln Facility
401 E. Congress St.Room 114; The kiln room; The NE corner of the
building with all the doors and windows closes
Collums Building201 E. Lindsey St.Room 132 for Biology staff and students;
Room 130 for Health Exercise Science staff and students;
Printing break room and adjoining hallway for Printing,
Mailing and Document Services staff
Copeland Hall860 Van Vleet OvalRestrooms located on the first floor of Copeland Hall;
Hallway outside the restrooms on the first floor;
Oklahoma Daily Break Room 170; Oklahoma Daily
Conference Room 173; Sooner Yearbook office Room 174
Collings Hall820 Van Vleet OvalBasement, if basement utilized to capacity move
overflow to first floor hallway with all doors closed
Couch Restaurants309 W. Third St.Central hallway between walk-in coolers and freezers  
Couch Center
1524 Asp Ave.Students, faculty, staff into hardened storm shelter;
Basement thru 6th floor elevator lobbies except first floors;
Basement laundry;
Basement restrooms and hallway;
Hallways of floors 1-6 (with all hallway doors closed);
Restrooms of floors 1-6 (with doors closed)
Cross Village1691 Asp Ave.Cross A: Black Box Theater (east wing, faces east)
Cross B: DIY Space (west wing, faces west)
Cross C: Cycle Studio (South east wing, faces east)
Cross D: Rehearsal Nook (south wing)
Dunham College250 W. Lindsey St.Storm Shelter in the basement of Dunham Hall  
Headington College200 W. Lindsey St.Storm Shelter in the basement of Headington  
Headington Hall100 E. Lindsey St.Stairwells 3, 4, and 5Kyle
Kraettli Apartments212-A Wadsack Dr.Storm Shelter at KraettliMason
Traditions Square
2500 Asp Ave.Storm Shelter at Traditions EastMason
Traditions Square
2730 S. Chautauqua Ave.Storm Shelter at Traditions WestAdisha
Walker Center1400 Asp Ave.Storm Shelter (on site); Basement thru 6th floor elevator;
Lobbies except first floors; Basement laundry;
Basement restrooms and hallway;
Hallways of floors 1-(with all hallway doors closed);
Restrooms of floors 1-5 (with doors closed)
Dale Hall433 W. Lindsey St.BasementJanie
Dale Hall Tower455 W. Lindsey St.First floor hallways outside Rooms 105 and 107
(with all doors closed); Stairwell on first floor
Devon Energy
110 W. Boyd St.Basement and adjoining tunnelsRodney
Ellison Hall633 Elm AveInterior hallway in advising on the first floorSteven
200 Felgar St.First floor in the interior offices, classrooms;
Restrooms and hallways with all doors on the
exterior side of the building closed
Evans Hall660 Parrington OvalBasementToni
Rawl Engineering
Practice Facility
850 S. Jenkins Building 34In the tunnelJimmy
160 Felgar St.Ground floor restrooms, or lower level of Sarkeys Energy CenterAllison
Felgar Hall865 Asp AveHallways of first floor with all doors closed  
Sarkeys Fitness Center1401 Asp AveBasement, particularly the locker rooms and associated hallwaysMalinda
Murray Case Sells
Swim Complex
1701 Asp AveLifeguard room, men's and women's restroomsStephanie
Gaylord Hall395 W. Lindsey St.Stairwells on first floor;
Rooms 1113, 1115, 1033, 1031, 1050, 1605, 1565, 1561, 145A
George Lynn
Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet OvalBasementMike
Goddard Health
620 Elm Ave.Basement, Seminar Room, and HallwayRoy
Gould Hall830 Van Vleet OvalGarden level ground floor of
Gould Hall: A, C, and D wings, away from windows 
Greenhouse Facility770 Van Vleet OvalGeorge Lynn Cross Hall BasementN/AN/A
Cultural Center
1335 Asp Ave.Men's and women's restrooms on the first floorSteve
Cate 5, Honors College,
David L. Boren Hall
1300 Asp Ave.The S1 basement of David L. Boren Hall (CCD5).
The S1 basement is located in the student resident
entrance in the foyer of David L. Boren Hall (CCD5)
Tanya Miller
Cate 1, Honors College
and OU Scholars
east wing only
1300 Asp Ave.Move to Honors via covered walk way.
Seek refuge in East side first floor restrooms.
Farzaneh Hall
(Formally known
as Hester Hall)
729 Elm Ave.Stairway C; Room 145, Room 149, Room 144A, Room 138,
Room 135, Room 108; Family Restroom on first floor;
Hallway outside restrooms on first floor
Jacobson Faculty
550 Parrington OvalBasementCrystal
Kaufman Hall780 Van Vleet OvalFirst floor interior hall on the east side of
building with all doors closed
Landscape and
Grounds Building
1341 Asp Ave.1341 Asp Ave employees should immediately
seek shelter at the Huston Huffman Center
in the east locker room in the basement
Monnet Hall630 Parrington OvalBasement rooms 2;
First floor: Small office in Carl Albert main office;
Small closet in Carl Albert main office;
Small kitchen in Carl Albert main office;
Copy Room in Carl Albert main office;
World Lit room 105B
Lin Hall440 W. Brooks St.Basement Area outside elevatorChad
Nielsen Hall440 W. Brooks St.Basement HallwaysChad
Nuclear Engineering
Laboratory (NEL)
905 Asp Ave.Room 109, 109c, 109F and interior hallways
with all doors closed-Risk Management;
Room 113- Open Records; Room 120-Telecomm;
Room 128-Telecomm
OCCE Administration
1700 Asp Ave.Basement level, away from center of the buildingMehl
OCCE McCarter Hall
of Advanced Studies
1610 Asp Ave.BasementJennifer
OCCE Sooner Suites1775 Maple Ave.Restrooms, interior hallways, and closets;
IF enough time move to Forum Basement
OCCE Thurman J.
White Forum Building
1704 Asp Ave.BasementJacob
Biological Survey
111 E. Chesapeake St.First floor hallway and restroomsJessie
900 Asp Ave.Occupants who are in the Crossroads area should
use the Crossroad Manager's office; Boomer Room;
Hallway to the Conoco Wing (outside the Boomer room);
The Crossroads office;
Crossroads Lounge;
If possible, the OU Federal Credit Union back office.
Protection should not be taken in areas with
exterior windows or doors;
Lowest level of the Annex and remain in the hallway
with all the doors closed
Old Chemistry
Building and Annex
620 Parrington OvalBasement hallway away from stairwells with all doors closed,
areas B4 and B5 on east side of building
Old Faculty
409 W. Boyd St.Lower level; The 1/2 basement level interior hall;
Interior hall restroom (under and east of the stairs
and in the center of the south end of the building)
Parkway South3200 Marshall Ave.First floor tenants use first floor restrooms;
Second floor tenants use room 127;
Overflow use bottom of the north stairwell;
Counseling Psychology use 140
Physical Sciences
601 Elm Ave.Floors 1 through 4: Interior corridors and lobbies
away from glass entrance areas;
All classrooms, laboratories, offices and toliet
rooms are also considered equally safe
Recruitment Services
(suites 130, 204, 205, 213)
756 Asp Ave.restrooms on first floorN/AN/A
Richards Hall730 Van Vleet OvalBasementKimberly
Robertson Hall731 Elm Ave.first floor center hallway with all doors
and windows closed
Sam Noble
1060 Asp Ave.Basement of George Lynn Cross HallPreston
S.J. Sarkeys
1401 Asp Ave.In the laboratory areas in the basement;
Through the door that joins our building
to the fitness center and then into the locker areas
Sarkeys Energy
100 E. Boyd St.First floor corridors without sky lights,
first floor classrooms
Sutton Hall625 Elm St.Basement of Sutton Hall (including the two labs
located in the basement if needed for overflow
and a building representative present in the labs);
First floor bathroom with all doors closed
Jim Thorpe
1620 Asp Ave.BasementSteve
Lissa and Cy
Wagner Hall
1005 Asp Ave.Freshman Programs Suite, including workroom
(excluding the Director's office with the overhead window);
men's restroom
Wallace Old
Science Hall
640 Parrington OvalSouth central hallway on the first floorJessica
765 Asp Ave.Restrooms on the first floor of recruitment servicesTom
Whitehand Hall339 W. Boyd St.first floor hallway south of reception area with all doors closedLaura
Zarrow Hall700 Elm Ave.Kitchen room 140;
First floor bathrooms, hallway in front of family restroom;
First floor hallway if everyone is on the floor in front of
classrooms 115, 120 and 105/110;
Either one of the stairwells if on the first floor
Catlett Music
500 W. Boyd St.Men's Restroom Room 039; Women's Restroom Room 040;
Hallway west side of men's restroom between
rooms 029 and 036 away froom windows;
Hallway with lockers and stairway behind stairs;
Classrooms 0006, 007, 008, 009, 014, 015, 022;
Hallway near vending machines; Stairway 023;
Area behind Short Hall
Fine Arts Center563 Elm Ave.BasementJeff
Fred Jones Jr
Art Center
520 Parrington OvalBasementBrent
Fred Jones Jr.
Museum of Art
555 Elm Ave.BasementN/AN/A
Arts Center
560 Parrington OvalThe basement area between the hall side of the
building and the dance school area.
This area is just outside the elevator doors in
the basement. Do not go in the pit area of the
hall that is attached to the hallway.
L. Dale Mitchell
Baseball Park
401 West Imhoff RdHome and visitor locker rooms, coach's office,
training room, tunnel between dugout and clubhouses;
Fan accommodations will be determined game by
game and likely move to Lloyd Noble Center.
Lloyd Noble
2900 S. Jenkins Ave.Patrons  sitting in the upper levels of the arena
should go to the upper concourse, concourse
restrooms, and concession stands.
Patrons, players and staff sitting in LW2-LW6,
LN1-LN8, LE1-LE5 and the floor area should
proceed to the south ramp and lower
level dressing rooms
365 E. Lindsey St.Move to Mosier indoor locker rooms;
training rooms;
bathrooms, and "cross shaped" hallways with doors closed.
Gaylord Family
180 W. Brooks St.Will vary depending upon event taking placeN/AN/A
Charlie Coe Golf
Learning Center
4 Par Dr.Restrooms off lobby both men's and women'sN/AN/A
Sam Viersen
Gymnastics Center
325 W. Imhoff Rd.Men's and Women's locker rooms and laundry roomN/AN/A
Varsity Rowing
Practice Facility
500 GT Blankenship Blvd.Bathroom; Staff locker rooms and 2 team locker roomsN/AN/A
Al Velie Rugby
Football Complex
N/AMove to Wadley Tennis Pavillion next doorN/AN/A
John Crain
Soccer Field
2915 Chautauqua Ave.Move to Wadley Tennis Pavillion next doorN/AN/A
Marita Hynes
Softball Field
2500 S. Jenkins Ave.Relocate to Coats HallN/AN/A
Headington Family
Tennis Center and
Wadley Tennis Pavillion
500 W. Imhoff Rd.Interior guest, women's and men's locker rooms;
Interior OU team locker room;
2 interior bathrooms
Jacobs Track and
Field Facility
1060 Asp Ave.Move to Mosier indoor locker rooms;
training rooms;
bathrooms, and "cross shaped" hallways with doors closed.
Mosier Indoor
Athletic Facility
395 E. Lindsey St.Move to Mosier indoor locker rooms;
training rooms;
bathrooms, and "cross shaped" hallways with doors closed.
Howard McCasland
Field House
151 W. Brooks St.First floor locker rooms and restroom
and concessions with no windows
North Base
Facilities Management
1620 Westheimer Dr.Airport Terminal building restrooms and interior hallwayN/AN/A
Max Westheimer
Airport and
Terminal Building
1700 Lexington Ave. Ste 212Restrooms and interior hallway in terminalKim
NC210N/ANC201 subbasementKenneth
Merrick Computing
1424 Halley Ave.Men's restroom;
Rooms 151, 153, 170, 173, 174, 174A, 175, 179, 180
Theta M. Dempsey
Transportation Operation
Center/Fleet Services
510 E. Chesapeake St.Conference room 116Leon
Hazardous Materials
Management Center
519 Chesapeake St.Room 105; 100.
If Hazmat in those areas, move to OUPD next door.
Operators Shop
2729 S. MonitorLowest Approved area in Lloyd NobleN/AN/A
OUPD Joseph K.
Lester Building
2775 Monitor Ave.Computer server room 103  
National Weather
120 David L. Boren Blvd.Rooms 1313 and 1350Kyle
One Partners
350 David L. Boren Blvd.First floor hallway through/behind door 1500;
First floor restrooms;
Rooms 1070/1071/1072 (WNI employees);
Rooms 1524,1600,1650 (Atkins employees)
Two Partners
3100 Monitor Ave.first floor restrooms and room 189(CSA employees)Kiley
Three Partners
201 David. L Boren Blvd.Interior stairwell up to 2nd landing;
First floor restrooms/showers;
Second floor restrooms for overflow
Four Partners
301 David L. Bored Blvd.First and third floors go to first floor restrooms;
Second floor go to second floor restrooms;
Room 1000A (OU Title IX employees)
Ruth Ann
Five Partners
201 Stephenson ParkwayFirst floor restrooms, 1004, 1005, 1006;
First floor showers 1015 and 1016;
First floor Stairwell A up to 3rd landing.
Radar Innovations
3190 Monitor Ave.Fabrication Lab/Machine Shop:
Go to hallway between these two rooms;
Highbay: Go to men or women's locker rooms;
All others: Go to first floor men or women's restrooms
Stephenson Life
Sciences Research
101 Stephenson ParkwayLowest level of the stairwell in southeast
corner of the building.
Stephenson Research
and Technology Center
101 David L. Boren Blvd.First floor rooms 1150, 1150C,
Men's and Women's restrooms;
Room 1007