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Public Community Health Programs

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Public and Community Health Programs


We have two new programs in Public and Community Health

·       BA in Community Health

·       BS in Community Health

We also have a new Bachelor of Public Health degree offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Hudson College of Public Health

                View BPH Program Degree Sheet

The BPH program has additional requirements, a final spring semester at the Hudson College at the OUHSC in Oklahoma City, and an application for acceptance:

            Admissions requirement BPH 

            BPH application 

            Place to submit BPH application - extended deadline October 4, 2019

These programs build from the OU core curriculum and build knowledge and skills necessary for work public health, community health, and related fields.

What Is Public and Community Health?

We focus on population health (e.g. the community, group, city level), instead of individual patient health.  We want to understand what factors contribute to health, what factors contribute to injury or disease, prevent poor health outcomes, and promote healthy populations.  Public health is a very broad field of study, incorporating many disciplines, to develop solutions to complex health issues (for example: access to healthcare, substance abuse, workplace injury, infectious disease outbreaks).

Which program should you consider?

Are you interested in the social sciences?  Do you want to build healthy communities through research, outreach, and community partnerships?  Are you interested in health management, leadership, and policy?  - The BA in Community Health is right for you. 

Are you interested in the natural sciences?  Are you a pre-professional student wanting a career in health care? Are you interested in disease research and prevention?  Are you interested in environmental and occupational health? – The BS in Community Health is right for you.

Public and Community Health students have a very broad range of career options available whether your wish to go to graduate school, professional school, or find employment after graduation. Some examples of jobs possible for students with public and community health degrees are, food inspection, safety officer, health promotion, and non-profit careers.

 BA Community Health BS Community Health 
Year 1  
S1ENGL 1113, HIST (US), MATH, Biological Science, UCOL 1002,   ENGL 1113, HIST (US), MATH 1743, BIOL 1124, UCOL 1002    
S2Beginning Foreign Language, ENGL1213/EXPO 1213, Physical Science, Social Science    ENGL1213/EXPO 1213, CHEM 1315, BIOL 1134, Social Science    
Year 2  

Beginning Foreign Language cont, Artistic Forms, Western Civ, PHCH 2013 (Intro to Community and Public Health), free electives

Beginning Foreign Language, Artistic Forms, CHEM 1415, PHCH 2013 (Intro to Community and Public Health), free electives 
S2Intermediate Foreign Language, P SC 1113, non-Western Civ, PHCH 3513 (Public Health and Healthcare Systems), B AD 1001 Beginning Foreign Language cont, P SC 1113, CHEM 3053, PHCH 3513 (Public Health and Healthcare Systems), free elective    
Year 3  
S1Humanities upper division, PHCH 3113 (Inro to Epidemiology), PHCH 3413 (Health Communication), free electives   

Intermediate Foreign Language, CHEM 3153/3653, CHEM 3152, PHCH 31133 (Intro to Epidemiology), PHCH 3413 (Health Communication)

S2Humanities upper division, PHCH 3213 (Health Policy, Law, and Ethics), PHCH 3313 (Health Data and Statistics), free electives    Humanities upper division, non-Western Civ, PHCH 3213 (Health Policy, Law, and Ethics), PHCH 3313 (Health Data and Statistics), free elective    
Year 4  
S1PHCH 3613 (Determinants of Health), approved upper division elective, free electives 

Humanities upper division, Western Civ, PHCH 3613 (Determinants of Health), approved upper division electives

S2PHCH 4013 (Community Health Capstone), approved elective, free electives    PHCH 4013 (Community Health Capstone), approved elective, free electives    

*Courses underlined are required major courses.

*Courses in bold are only in the BS-CH major.  These courses are added to give students a stronger background in natural sciences and accommodate pre-professional prerequisites.  For pre-nursing students, substitutions for the natural science courses may be made for nursing school requirements. 

Approved Elective List

Public and Community Health Minor: 
            View PCH minor sheet

Contact Us:

OU Public and Community Health Programs 
Program Coordinator: Jen Ross