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Genomics and Ethics Program for Native Students

Native Students

The Genomics & Ethics Program for Native Students (GEN) provides Indigenous-based, mentor-linked learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in ethical, legal and social questions related to genetics research in Native communities. The Genomics & Ethics Program for Native Students (GEN) is committed to building a learning community that fosters supportive learning environments, sustainable networks, and professional Indigenous networks for students to pursue training opportunities and research experiences. 

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CASR Leads: Justin Lund and Jessica Blanchard 
Email: and

Collective Planning and Leadership for the U.S. Army

Conference Meeting between U.S. Army and Board members

Geopolitical and technological changes faced by the U.S. Army require a unique, multi-level leadership approach to address complex, ambiguous problems. Collective leadership and planning enables Army units to address rapidly evolving problems through effective identification and use of expertise in large groups or collectives. This project explores the intersection of collective leadership and collective planning to enhance performance and to provide a framework for operating in complex, dynamic environments with rapidly evolving problems.

CASR Leads: Mike Mumford and Shane Connelly
Email: and

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Leader Planning Skills and Improving Social Interactions in U.S. Army Enlisted Soldiers

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army continues to make inroads to address negative Soldier attitudes and behaviors such as bullying, cyberbullying, incivility, social undermining, and various kinds of intolerance (e.g., cultural, gender). This research supports that larger ongoing effort deal with such challenges at the team and squad level and to provide small unit leaders with a case data base and planning for social interaction tools to identify and address problematic social attitudes and behavior.

CASR Leads: Shane Connelly, Mike Mumford and Lori Snyder
Email:, and

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