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Chemistry & Biochemistry

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News and Upcoming

We are HIRING for a new faculty position: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) in Inorganic Materials Chemistry.

Please the button below to see our job posting and information the requirements and how to apply!

Job Openings


Congratulations to Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry who has been named one of C&E News’s 2020 Talented 12!

This is a very prestigious recognition of her leading work in chemical cartography and metabolomics research at OU to address critical heath issues.

Please click the button below to learn more!

Dr. McCall - C&E New's 2020 Talented 12

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Dr. Bayram Saparov! He was selected for a 2020 Early Career Research Award from the United States Department of Energy!

We are very proud of all of Dr. Saparov's many achievements and strongly encourage clicking the button below to learn more about Dr. Saparov's work and contributions!

Dr. Saparov - DoE Early Career Award

Reopening Protocols

As the University intiates "Phase 1" of reopening the campus, our department is beginning to reopen for approved lab research. During this process, please continually refer to the policies and procedures established by each individual research support facility.

Use the link below to access the Instructions for Users, which are the guidelines and requirements for using these facilities. Be sure to READ EACH ONE, as every facility has specific information unique to them. Including instructions for users and expectations of use.

By entering the Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center, you are subject to University standards, the established Building-wide protocols, and the requirements set up by our Research Support Staff. 

Reopening Protocols

2019-2020 Student Performance Awards

For Undergraduate AND Graduate Student Performance Award Recepients, please click the button below


Student Performance Awards 2020-2021


Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oklahoma. Our mission is to serve the citizens of the State of Oklahoma and the nation through instructing our undergraduate majors, those in cognate disciplines and as part of the general education programs of the College of Arts and Sciences to understand the role of chemistry and biochemistry in the natural world, through professional training of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, through creating and disseminating new research-based understanding of chemistry and biochemistry, through providing expert advice and consultation to educational, industrial and governmental units, and through participating in service to the university and professional communities.

We are pursuing this mission through our research activities, our instructional programs and our service contributions. Our research activities are housed in our spectacular Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center (SLSRC) on the research campus located south of OU’s main campus. Since 2010, these research facilities house our faculty offices, faculty-led research labs, research centers, research support facilities and departmental administration offices.

As described in our faculty research pages, our outstanding and award-winning faculty contribute to the development of new scientific understanding and training of our students and professional research associates.

We are in the process of a major investment of effort and resources in the development of our undergraduate and graduate instructional programs. Our Graduate Program has just been converted to a modular course program in which we offer variable length courses. Coupled to these highly focused courses are related changes to our graduate program that should bring the time to a doctoral degree down to an average of 4.5 years. In our undergraduate instructional programs we are redesigning the curriculum from general chemistry up to the advanced courses. At the core we wish all students taking chemistry to appreciate the role of chemistry in understanding nature. These courses also develop abilities to collect scientific information, process it and reach conclusions while preparing to add to our scientific understanding of nature.

We are also committed to serving the wider community. Information on our summer academies and science-society relations can be found on our Student Life web pages.

We are grateful to our strong network of supporters. For information on how you can contribute efforts or resources to the department, please visit our Support web pages.