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Daniel T. Glatzhofer

Daniel T. Glatzhofer

Daniel T. Glatzhofer


President's Associates Presidential/David Ross Boyd Professor

Research Areas: Materials, Organic
Office: SLSRC 3160

B.S., 1979, Denison University, Granville, Ohio
Ph.D., 1984, University of Michigan 
Postdoc, 1984-1986, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany
Postdoc, 1987-1988, Ohio State University 

Research Keywords: 
energy conversion and storage, polymer chemistry, electrochemistry

Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Scaffolds

Our group's research interests lie primarily in the use of organic, organometallic, and polymer chemistry to design, synthesize and characterize new materials with unique and potentially useful electronic properties. Electronic properties are meant here in a broad sense and along with synthesis, special interest is given to the electronic (conductivity, photoconductivity and magnetic), optical (absorption, fluorescence), electrochemical (ionic conductivity, electropolymerization and redox behavior), and physical (structure, morphology) characterization of these materials.

Most recently, we have been involved in capitalizing on the high density of proton doner/acceptor moieties in linear poly(ethylenimine) (LPEI) as a scaffold for the fabrication of polymer electrolyte membranes for H2/O2 fuel cells. Further, by attaching redox active species to the LPEI and cross-linking it in the presence of enzymes, bio-anodes and bio–cathodes can be fabricated for use in glucose sensors and glucose/O2 biofuel cells. We are synthesizing structural variants of LPEI to explore structure/property relationships and investigate the factors that control speciation, electron, and ion mobility in these systems. Since the nitrogen atoms in LPEI can coordinate to lithium cations, we have also been studying these materials as potential lithium-conducting solid polymer electrolytes for battery applications.

Awards & Honors

David Ross Boyd Professor, 2015, University of Oklahoma 
President's Associates Presidential Professorship, 2004, University of Oklahoma
Regents' Award for Superior Teaching, 2001, University of Oklahoma
University Distinguished Teaching Award, 1995-1996, University of Oklahoma