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The knowledge and insight of the Classics and Letters faculty and staff cover a wide area of interest across a variety of disciplines. Whether one's curiosity is focused on ancient treasures and customs, the emotions and thoughts that inspired popular literary works, or the philosophies and events that shaped modern times, those within the Department of Classics and Letters have it covered. We are continuously appreciative of the growth in the department with the help of our wonderful staff and remain very proud of the potential we see in all our students.

Scott JohnsonChair and Associate Professorsfj@ou.eduCarnegie 109
Susan AlcockBarnett Family Professor of Classical Archaeology and Professor of Classics and Letterssue.alcock@ou.eduCarnegie 121
David AndersonAssociate Professor and Senior Fellow, Dunham College dkanderson@ou.eduDunham A133
Jeremy BaileyProfessor, Sanders Chair of Law and Liberty, and Director of the Institute for the American Constitutional Heritagejdb@ou.eduCarnegie 215
Peggy ChambersInstructor and Academic Advisorpchambers@ou.eduCarnegie 106
Darin DavisInstructordarindavis@ou.eduCarnegie 206
Daniela GarofaloProfessordg@ou.eduCarnegie 119
Ellen GreeneJoseph Paxton Presidential Professor of Classics and Lettersegreene@ou.eduCarnegie 105
John HansenInstructor, Academic Advisor, and Director of Latin Educationjhansen@ou.eduCarnegie 108
Kyle HarperProfessor and G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Libertykyleharper@ou.eduOld Science Hall 103
Rebecca HuskeyAssociate Professorrhuskey@ou.eduCarnegie 118
Samuel J. HuskeyProfessorhuskey@ou.eduCarnegie 116
Stefan KoppertVisiting Assistant Professorskoppert@ou.eduCarnegie 214
Mark PawlowskiLecturerpawlowski@ou.eduCarnegie 232
William SelingerWick Cary Assistant Professorw.selinger@ou.eduCarnegie 213
Cheryl Walker          -
Charles (Ben) WatsonAssociate Professor of Classics and Joseph F. Paxton Presidential Professorcbwatson@ou.eduCarnegie 120
Joey  Carnegie 117
Phoenix MirandaAcademic Advisornixmiranda@ou.eduCarnegie 111
Paula RichmondInstitute of American Constitutional Heritage Coordinatorpkrichmond@ou.eduCarnegie 210
Laura TiffanyClassics and Letters Coordinatorlauraetiffany@ou.eduCarnegie 110

J. Rufus Fears was David Ross Boyd Professor of Classics and the G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty. His many awards for teaching include being chosen Professor of the Year on three occasions by students at the University of Oklahoma, the Medal for Excellence in College and University Teaching from the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, the University Continuing Education Association (UCEA) Great Plains Region Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the UCEA's National Award for Teaching Excellence.

Professor Fears passed away on October 7, 2012.

Rufus Fears, historian and University of Oklahoma (OU) professor        ORG XMIT: 1209152349336840