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Farland Stanley

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Farland Stanley

Professor of Classics and Archaeology

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Farland Stanley

Farland Stanley is a professor of classical archaeology and civilizations in the Department of Classics and Letters at the University of Oklahoma. He received a BA degree in History (1973: University of Oklahoma), a MA Degree in Latin (1975: University of Oklahoma), and a MA Degree in Ancient History (1976: University of Oklahoma). He received his PhD in Ancient History at the University of Missouri-Columbia (1984), where he taught as a graduate teaching assistant for eight years. After one year of teaching in 1985 for the Department of History at Texas A&M, he came to the University of Oklahoma.

At the University of Oklahoma he has taught and developed over twenty courses since 1985. He has instructed a broad range of courses including the Latin and Greek languages, Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology, and Roman culture courses. He has been very active with archaeology and teaching projects in the Mediterranean area, and since 1990 he has developed multiple summer archaeological projects for OU students in Israel and Italy, as well as summer archaeological field seminars in Rome.

Most recently he has been cooperating with the Restoring Ancient Stabiae Project at Pompeii and nearby Stabiae.

He is the recipient of a Laureate for the Gusi World Peace Prize in Archaeology (Manila, 2007). In 2001 he created the OU Center for Classical Archaeology and Civilizations for which he serves as Director. In 1997 he organized the Oklahoma chapter of the Archaeology Institute of America, for which he continues to serve as President.