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Our department welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and academic interests. Our curriculum is flexible and applicable to a variety of fields. We have pre-law, pre-med, aspiring historians, future social scientists, and many more excellent students from a variety of fields who choose to major or minor in Classics and Letters. We value and support the accomplishments of each of our students!

Umbria, Italy 2023

Our Alumni

Austin Coffey, Economics and Letters

Picture of Austin Coffey

Congratulations to Classics and Letters alumnus, Austin Coffey. He is one of 18 nationwide to be named a 2019-2020 Luce Scholar. The Luce Scholars Program is a nationally competitive fellowship that aims to enhance the understanding of Asia. While abroad, Austin hopes to study and write about Asian democracy. Read more about Austin and the Luce Scholars Program.

Madeleine Lange, Classics: Latin

Picture of Madeleine Lange

"Latin is so much more than just a language. It's a culture. It's beyond rewarding to have a snapshot of the daily life, values, and beliefs of antiquity that's found in classical works, unimpeded in its original language. Learning Latin has taught me more about my native language, modern attitudes, and etymological frameworks that I wouldn't find in other degrees."

M. Muneeb Ata, Letters

Picture of M. Muneeb Ata

In the preface of George Orwell's Animal Farm, famed writer Russell Baker refers to Orwell as a "man of letters." Not uncommon in the 19th century, this honorable title lauds Orwell's sophisticated writing and critical thinking in his approach to normative problems of the time. Most intellectuals throughout Western History have been painted with similar strokes. To be a person of letters is to research, ponder, and reflect upon the issues that our society faces with civility and grace. The University of Oklahoma caters to individuals that find excitement in such work with a degree of Letters. Simply put, Letters is a major that allows us to view the world in differing lenses in order to visualize the full picture. The three subjects that compose the degree are History, Philosophy, and Literature, they allow students the freedom to choose courses that excite them from region, ideology, or period of time. I can say that my college experience has been significantly more fulfilling than many non-Letter's majors because my degree has taught me not only to challenge my convictions but also my perspective. If you are looking for an immersive liberal arts education, look no further than Letters.

Shelby Mann, Letters: Constitutional Studies

Image of Shelby Mann

The Classics and Letters department at OU houses unique and vital programs at the University. As a Letters: Constitutional Studies major I have had the freedom to explore and engage in different humanities, but also specialize in my department’s illustrious classes. I have been able to develop and grow in many areas, and most importantly I have gained relationships with students and faculty alike. Classics and Letter’s professors are the best on campus, and are always willing to go the extra mile for their students. Each person that is a part of the department has shaped my future, and I don’t know where I would be without them.

Chelsea Campbell, Classical Greek & Classical Studies minors

Image of Chelsea Campbell

"Besides finding a newfound passion for the humanities, my minors have provided me with an opportunity to expand my horizons and improve upon my English language skills. Classics and Letters and the professors within the department have made a profound impact on my college experience and me, personally."

Dylan Rodolf, Letters: Constitutional Studies

Image of Dylan Rodolf

"The Letters curriculum has provided me with the opportunity to pursue a wide-range of academic and intellectual interests. From the writings of Aristotle to Abraham Lincoln, I have been able to immerse myself in an array of literature that fosters critical and analytical thinking."

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