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The Digital Latin Library

The Digital Latin Library will provide a single point of access to texts and resources for reading and working with them, e.g., images of inscriptions and manuscripts, reference works, tools for analysis, etc. The Library of Digital Latin Texts will provide resources and support for the production of new scholarship and educational materials. A number of interfaces will facilitate activities such as reading and annotating texts, textual or visual analysis, and collaborative learning and scholarship.

Some will use the Digital Latin Library’s space for private study or teaching while others will use it to produce new critical editions and commentaries. Users will have the option of submitting new critical editions and commentaries for publication in the Library of Digital Latin Texts, which will have three series: classical, medieval, and neo-Latin texts. All publications will be peer-reviewed and endorsed by one or more of the three learned societies affiliated with the Library. The Library of Digital Latin Texts may be the boldest part of this entire project since it will be a major step forward for textual criticism and critical editions.

The goal for the first year of this project is to assemble the content management system for the library component of the Digital Latin Library, complete a user behavior study to optimize resources for different classes of user, develop and test a version of the visualization environment for texts in the Library of Digital Latin Texts, and produce a number of scholarly and educational materials on the development and use of born-digital critical edition.

Syriac Resources is a comprehensive annotated bibliography of open-access resources related to the study of Syriac. The site is hosted by the University of Oklahoma and housed in the Department of Classics and Letters. The goal for these pages is to collect, organize, and annotate as many of the fundamental works of Syriac scholarship that are to be found freely available online. We believe firmly that the free and open access of scholarly materials should be encouraged and will be a fundamental, non-negotiable cornerstone of future scholarship. All of the books linked herein are (to our best knowledge) out of copyright and hosted by digital storehouses like Google,, and Hathi Trust.

We hope to expand the number of items we link to as more resources become freely available. The ultimate aim is to make as much information and as many resources pertaining to Syriac studies freely and easily available to as many people as possible. We would be thrilled if this site would also serve to promote the grander cause of open access scholarship.