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Ioana Cionea

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Dr. Ioana A. Cionea

Ioana A. Cionea

Position: Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Education: Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2013


Office Phone: 405-325-9503
Office: Burton Hall, Room 102C
Office Hours:  By appointment




Fall Courses 2023

  • COMM 2003 - Non-Western Culture

Academic Interests

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and quantitative research methods. I study how individuals argue and/or engage in conflict in their interpersonal relationships and the effects culture or ethnicity have on these processes. For example, I have examined various aspects connected to serial arguments (i.e., repetitive episodes with the same person, about the same topic, that have occurred at least twice). I have also worked on developing a new measure of arguing goals, refining models that explain how people decide to engage in arguments, and what dialogic strategies they use when arguing. In addition, I am interested in how individuals engage in arguments or conflicts with others on social networking sites, having published a few studies about such interactions on Facebook or Twitter.

My approach to research is mainly rooted in the social science perspective. I usually employ quantitative models to explain arguing behaviors, although I have relied on qualitative methods where needed, too. I am also interested in measurement issues, such as the psychometric assessment of instruments, and techniques of modeling communication behavior, such as structural equation modeling.

Representative Publications

Cionea, I. A., Kavya, P., & Wyant, M. H. (2020). Dialogue orientations in workplace meetings. Management Communication Quarterly, 35(2), 315-331.  

Johnson, A. J., & Cionea, I. A. (2020). An exploratory mixed-method analysis of interpersonal arguments on Twitter. In J. Rosenbaum-Andre & G. Bouvier (Eds.), Twitter, the public sphere and the chaos of online deliberation (pp. 205-231). Palgrave Macmillan.

Cionea, I. A., Piercy, C. W., Bostwick, E. N., & Wilson Mumpower, S. (2019). Argumentative competence in friend and stranger dyadic exchanges. Argumentation, 33, 465-487.

Johnson, A. J., Bostwick, E. N., & Cionea, I. A. (2019). Talking turkey: Effects of family discussions about the 2016 election over the Thanksgiving holiday. Journal of Family Communication, 19(1)63-76.

Cionea, I. A.Johnson, A. J., & Bostwick, E. N. (2019). Argument interdependence and its effects on serial argument goals and tactics in romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 36(7)1975-1995.

Cionea, I. A., Wilson-Mumpower, S. V., & Bassick, M. (2019). Serial argument goals, tactics, and outcomes in long distance and geographically close romantic relationships. Southern Communication Journal, 84(1)1-16.

Johnson, A. J., Lee, S. K., Cionea, I. A., & Massey, Z. B. (2018). The benefits and challenges of new media for intercultural conflict. In N. Bilge & M. I. Marino (Eds.), Reconceptualizing new media and intercultural communication in a networked society (pp. 171-197). IGI Global.

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Guo, Y., & Cionea, I. A. (2017). “Do it this way, not that way:” An exploration of Chinese workplace conflicts. International Journal of Conflict Management, 28(2), 202-221.

Cionea, I. A., Hoelscher, C. S., & Iles, I. A. (2017). Arguing goals: An initial assessment of a new measurement instrument. Communication Reports, 30(1), 51-65.