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Graduate FAQs

The application deadline is January 15th of each year for full funding consideration. If January 15th falls on a weekend, materials will be due on the following business day. Funding is unlikely for applications after January 15. You may also apply by April 15 for fall admissions or by October 15 for Spring admissions but with limited opportunities for funding.

Yes, we do admit graduate students for the spring semester. This is usually reserved for what might be called “nontraditional graduate students.” Often these are students with full-time obligations working on a degree part-time. They are usually not looking for a paid assistantship. If you are pursuing a graduate degree full-time, we recommend that you apply for fall admission by the January 15th deadline.

All materials are now submitted through the online system.

Online application for the Department of Communication is available at the Graduate College website.

Graduate admissions, including requirements and application process, is available here.

All questions regarding TOEFL or English proficiency should be directed to the Office Admissions. You can contact them via telephone at 405-325-2252 or check their web site for details here. You can also email them

Foreign Students who want to receive a teaching assistantship must pass the English Assessment’s 3 tests – write, speak, and teach.

You should contact the International Student Services Office. Their phone number is (405) 325-3337.

For Fall 2022 admissions, GRE scores are not required, but you are strongly encouraged to submit scores if possible. Submitting GRE scores will provide the Graduate Admissions Committee the most complete information based on which to make a decision regarding your application.

Official GRE scores must be sent to us directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). You may provide a copy of your unofficial scores, but you still must have the official scores sent.  

The school code is 6879; the Department of Communication code is 4599. 

When selecting score recipients on the day of the test, or sending additional score reports through the GRE website, test takers should type the name or partial name of the department, e.g. “Counseling Psychology”, and the computer will list all department codes that match alphabetically. Test takers should NOT enter a department code number because the computer does not conduct a numeric match.

Test takers are asked to enter the four digit department code only if they are sending scores through the automated phone service. When sending scores online or on the day of the test, they should type in the name of the department, not the numeric code.

We expect score in the 150 range on both the verbal and quantitative sections on the new scoring system. On the essay portion a score of 4 or higher is competitive, but not required for admission.

We advise you to take the GRE at least by the end of Dec, prior to the January 15 deadline. It takes the Education Testing Service 10-15 business days to process your test, and then it’s mailed to the University of Oklahoma where it is processed again. Lastly, it is sent to the department. Please do not wait until the last minute to take the test. Not having your scores may affect your chances at being admitted or receiving an assistantship. We need those scores!

If you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you will automatically be considered for the MA degree only. Once you are in our MA program, you may apply for our Ph.D. program.

No. The application for the Department of Communication is an automatic request for a graduate assistantship unless you state otherwise

On the bottom of the first page of the Department of Communication application, it talks about assistantships. This is where you can decline consideration for an assistantship.

The number of available assistantships varies each year. We may have as few as one to give out or as many as twelve.

The number varies, of course, but around 40-50 people apply for our program each year.

Approximately 5-15 students are admitted.

Letters of acceptance or denial will be sent no later than mid-March for the January 15 deadline. Letters for the April 15 and October 15 deadlines are sent out within a month of those deadlines.

You should contact the faculty Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ioana Cionea, if you want to set up a visit to campus. She can best be reached via email at: