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Jonathan Stalling

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Jonathan Stalling

Jonathan Stalling


Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo, 2006

Dr. Stalling is Professor of English at OU, specializing in Modern to Contemporary American Poetry; Comparative Chinese-Western Poetics,  Literary and Cultural Theory, Translation Studies, Creative Writing (poetry) and EFL. Professor Stalling is the author of Poetics of Emptiness (Fordham), Grotto Heaven (Chax), Yingelishi: Sinophonic Poetry and Poetics (Counterpath), and Lost Wax: Translation through the Voidand is the co-edited The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry (Fordham) and By The River: Contemporary Chinese Novellas (Oklahoma), and the translator of Winter Sun: Poety of Shi Zhi (1966-2005) which was a finalist for the National Translation Award. His opera Yingelishi (吟歌丽诗) was performed at Yunnan University in 2010, and Stalling was the first non-Chinese Poet in Residence of Beijing University, and Poet in Residence of Hongcun (Huangshan, Anhui, China) in 2015.

Professor Stalling is the Founder and Curator of the Chinese Literature Translation Archive (Bizzell Library) which houses about 10,000 volumes from the Arthur Waley and Howard Goldblatt Collections and 10,000+ archival materials from Waley, Goldblatt, as well as Wolfgang Kubin, Wai-lim Yip and soon to be others.   Chinese Literature Translation Archive

Stalling is a founding Editor of Chinese Literature Today magazine (Routledge) and CLT book series(University of Oklahoma Press) and the "21st Century North American-Chinese Literature Research and Translation Series” (21世纪北美中国文学研究著译丛书) published by China’s Academy of Social Sciences Press. He is also the founder and Co-Director of the Mark Allen Everett Poetry Reading Series at OU.  

Prof. Stalling teaches a variety of undergraduate courses, including "Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies," "Twentieth-Century American Poetry," "East-West Poetics," "Buddhism and Beat Literature," “Creative Writing,” and “Poetry Writing.” His graduate seminars have focused on postmodern poetics, transpacific literature and criticism, and literary and cultural theory. In addition to OU courses, Prof. Stalling organized a statewide poetry project that taught classical Chinese poetic forms to K-14 students in Oklahoma. Click here for his teaching materials for this project and here for the contest winners. Also see the Newman Young Writers Award Facebook Page

Professor Stalling is also the inventor of Pinying, a new way to teach and learn English phonetics through Chinese Characters.  Pinying App Website. Dr. Stalling has given two TEDx Talks (TEDx Talk #1 and TEDx Talk #2).  This work is also the foundation for his next interlanguage poetry and art project called the “English Rime Tables,” a multivolume set of artist books printed through a movable woodblock printing press modeled on the Song Dynasty printing technologies which Stalling is creating for the project.