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Information for M.A. Students

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A Quick Look at the M.A.

M.A. Student Handbook

The strengths of our graduate program are flexibility, immersion, and student engagement in developing their own courses of study based on areas of interest. In close consultation with departmental advisors, our M.A. students design an individualized program of professional study through selecting a chosen field of specialization or the broader study of literature and culture, writing and rhetoric, or theory and research.

Our signature areas of study include:

  • Native American Literature, Film, and Culture, with particular strengths in Oklahoma tribal literatures and cultures; indigenous gender studies; and indigenous representation in media.
  • Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy, with particular strengths in cultural rhetorics, including indigenous and women’s rhetorics; technical and professional communication; and writing program administration.
  • Literature and Cultural Studies, with particular strengths in medieval and early modern literature; American, British, and post-colonial literature; theory, media studies, creative writing, and digital humanities.

Our small seminar and pro-seminar courses offer students a close working relationship with our internationally recognized faculty. Coursework can generally be completed in four semesters. Students who choose to specialize in creative writing may submit a creative thesis in fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction.

We offer a detailed description of the M.A. tracks, from application to planning your graduation, in the M.A. version of the Graduate Student Handbook.