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Information for M.A. Students

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A Quick Look at the M.A.

M.A. Student Handbook

As the M.A. in English is a research degree as well as a teaching apprenticeship, all students are expected to choose fields of specialization, in close consultation with the chair of their committee. The choice ranges from well-established areas defined by nation and/or historical period (British, American, Native American, post-colonial Anglophone; medieval, early modern, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century) through theoretical approaches (feminism/gender studies, critical race/ethnicity studies, Marxism, poststructuralism), media studies (film, graphic novel), more recent areas of scholarly interest (transnational, new kinds of interdisciplinary studies), to unique areas defined by the student in consultation with his or her chair. At the M.A. level, students may also specialize in creative writing.

We offer a detailed description of the M.A. requirements, from application to planning your graduation, in the M.A. version of the Graduate Student Handbook.