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Literature and Cultural Studies Track

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Literature and Cultural Studies Track

In this track students study literary works, movements, genres, themes, and writers in their cultural contexts. Courses emphasize reading, story, communication, language, and historical and cultural events.


  1. English 2273, Literary and Cultural Analysis.
  2. Either English 2283, Critical Methods, or English 3843, Theory Now.
  3. One early survey and one late survey, chosen from the following:
    • Early Survey: 2433 World Literature; 2543 English Literature; 2773 American Literature; 2733 American Indian Literature
    • Late Survey: 2443 World Literature; 2653 English Literature; 2883 American Literature; 2743 American Indian Literature; 2713 Black Literature in the U.S.
  4. English 4853, Senior Capstone.

All students must have a proficiency in a foreign language, satisfied by one intermediate foreign-language course or its equivalent.

Literary and Cultural Students also elect a pre-1700 and post-1700 distribution requirement. Students should verify with departmental academic advisor for up to date list of pre- and post-1700 approved courses for any given semester. 

  • 2713 Introduction to Black Literature in the United States
  • 2733 American Indian Literature: Early and Traditional
  • 2743 American Indian Literature: Modern and Contemporary
  • 3253 Special Topics in American Indian Literature
  • 3283 Tribally Specific Approaches to Native American Literature
  • 3343 Literature of Empire
  • 3353 American Indian Nonfiction Literature
  • 3453 Afro-Caribbean Literature and Cultural Consciousness: From Alienation to Voice
  • 3483 Native American Writers
  • 3643 Topics in Non-Western Literature and Culture
  • 4033 Indigenous Political Writing
  • 4283 Hip Hop as Poetry, Literature and Cultural Expression
  • 4323 The Harlem Renaissance
  • 4343 The Indian in American Popular Culture
  • 4373 Black Literary Form and Cultural Expression
  • 4383 Civilization and Diaspora