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Writing Track

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Writing Track

In this track, students study theories of written communication, practice them extensively in various writing contexts, and explore issues concerning literacy, language, and the relation of writing to different cultures.


  1. English 2273, Literary and Cultural Analysis.
  2. Either English 2283, Critical Methods, or English 3843, Theory Now.
  3. One early survey and one late survey, chosen from the following:
    • Early Survey: 2433 World Literature; 2543 English Literature; 2773 American Literature; 2733 American Indian Literature
    • Late Survey: 2443 World Literature; 2653 English Literature; 2883 American Literature; 2743 American Indian Literature; 2713 Black Literature in the U.S.
  4. English 4853, Senior Capstone.

All students must have a proficiency in a language, satisfied by one intermediate language course or its equivalent.

Students on the writing track elect four writing courses (three of which must be upper division) from the following:

  • ENGL 2113 Intermediate Writing
  • ENGL 2123 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 3103 Topics in Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 3113 Nature/Environment/Science Writing
  • ENGL 3123 Fiction Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 3133 Poetry Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 3143 Studies in Literacy & Rhetoric
  • ENGL 3153 Technical Writing
  • ENGL 3163 Digital Humanities
  • ENGL 3173 History of Writing/Rhetoric/Technology
  • ENGL 3183 Digital Composing
  • ENGL 3193 Working with Writers
  • ENGL 3223 Oklahoma Writers/Writing Oklahoma
  • ENGL 4203 Special Topics in Literary & Rhetorical Forms (with Rhetoric/Writing Topic)
  • ENGL 4113 Magazine Editing + Publishing
  • ENGL 4133 History of the English Language
  • ENGL 4303 Special Topics (with Rhetoric/Writing Topic)
  • ENGL 4923 Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 4933 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop
  • ENGL 4943 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • ENGL 4970 Special Topics in World Literature Today (if writing/rhetoric focused)
  • ENGL 4990 Independent Study (in Rhetoric/Writing)

Students are ordinarily restricted to taking no more than one creative course in any given semester, except with special permission from the Undergraduate Director. Also, English 2123 (Creative Writing) must be taken before upper-division creative writing courses are attempted.