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Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students are encouraged to get involved in research, and many undergraduate students carry out independent research projects under the guidance of HES faculty members. Students can use these research experiences to obtain academic credit through Independent Study (HES 3990 and HES 4990) and also fulfill the requirements for graduation with the Honors College (HES 3980).

To learn more about research done by the faculty in the Department of Health and Exercise Science or if you are interested in being involved with a project, click here. You may then contact an individual faculty member to inquire about available openings.

Summer Research Opportunities

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Summer Undergraduate Research Programs
The Graduate College at the OU Health Sciences Center hosts four summer undergraduate research programs aimed at preparing and encouraging undergraduate students to pursue careers in biomedical research or health-related sciences. Studies show that undergraduate research programs are beneficial to the success of applying to and completing a graduate degree program. Programs introduce outstanding undergraduate students to the rigorous academic preparation required to achieve these goals, through participation in intensive, hands-on research experiences in the laboratories of OUHSC biomedical faculty mentors.

Learn more about the OUHSC Summer Undergraduate Research Programs.

Honors Requirements

Requirements for graduating with Honors:

  1. Honors College acceptance.

  2. To graduate cum laude you must complete:
    Honor Perspectives (HON 2973), 3 hours
    Honors Colloquium (HON 3993), 3 hours
    Honors Electives*, 9 hours
    Honors Reading**, 2 hours
    Honors Research, 3 hours
    *This may include Honors designated courses, OU study abroad programs, and OSLEP, Feaver-MacMinn, Puterbaugh, or Neustadt seminars.
    **This requirement is typically waived by your senior capstone, and the exceptions to this rule are based upon major; please contact your department for more information. Some departments require 7 hours of reading/research.
    Submit the Honors College graduation form during the first two weeks of the semester you plan to graduate.

  3. Submit Honors Thesis (generally, Honors Reading and Research project) to the Honors College office.

  4. Maintain OU retention GPA and combined retention GPA of 3.40 or above.

  5. Students completing the Honors College curricular requirements will have a degree designation of:
    Cum Laude (3.40-3.59)
    Magna cum Laude (3.60-3.79)
    Summa cum Laude (3.80-4.00)

Enrolling in Honors Research and/or Honors Reading
The Honors College has an enrollment process in which the student and professor must meet to fill out a research proposal form. The completed form is then signed by the Honors coordinator of that department (Dr. Chris Black). The form is then submitted to the Honors College for approval by the Honors College Dean. Upon approval enrollment permission to enroll is granted by the Honors College staff and then by the HES department academic advisor.