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Graduate Application Information

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Application Information

Applicants to the history of science, technology, and medicine (HSTM) graduate programs submit application materials through the Slate online application process. 

The direct link to the Slate application is:

Applicants should note that in addition to submitting materials to the department, they will need to meet the admission requirements of the University and the Graduate College.  General University and Graduate College information is available at the Office of Graduate Admissions site at  Following is information that will assist applicants as they complete the application form and upload their materials. 

Application Deadline:  January 15 for admission in the following fall term.  We only admit in the fall term.

Academic Program and Major Selection

  • Please note that unless you have completed an MA in the history of science or in a closely related field, you should select the “History of Science, Technology and Medicine, MA in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine” option, which you will find among the programs listed under the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • You should select the MA option even if your long-term goal is to complete the PhD.  We do not admit directly to the doctoral track unless an applicant has completed a qualifying MA.
  • We also offer a dual degree with the School of Library Information, the HSCI MA / MLIS dual degree.  Applicants interested in this option should contact either Prof. Pete Soppelsa at or Prof. Stephen Weldon at, for application information and instructions.

Three Confidential Letters of Reference

The evaluation of scholars with whom you have worked in the past is especially important to us as we consider your application.  For this reason, we suggest that you select references very carefully, choosing individuals who have known you over a period of time, who can speak to your academic strengths, and who understand the elements of a graduate history or HSTM program and therefore can make accurate assessments of your intellectual abilities, accomplishments in scholarship, originality and independence of mind, potential for growth, and personal characteristics.

Additional Materials - Statement of purpose/goals

In order to evaluate your aptitude and interest in the history of science, technology, and medicine, the department requests that you submit a 750-1000 word statement identifying your goals and particular interests in HSTM.  This essay is a very important part of the application process, and you should prepare it carefully.  In your essay, please address the following:

  • your preparation for graduate study in HSTM,
  • previous reading in or study of HSTM or related fields,
  • particular regional, temporal, or topical interests within the general field of HSTM and potential research topics you wish to pursue in the graduate program
  • specific reasons for seeking admission to the graduate program in HSTM at the University of Oklahoma, and
  • your career goals and how graduate study in HSTM at the University of Oklahoma will contribute to their attainment

Additional Materials - Writing sample (20-30 page maximum)

This could be a recent research or analytical paper submitted for an academic course, an undergraduate or MA thesis, or, alternatively, an original essay composed for this application.  The essay should illustrate both the applicant’s ability to address a historical research problem and his or her writing ability.  If you choose to send an excerpt of a larger work, please ensure that it contains the introduction and thesis statement, the historiographical context of the topic, and your use of historical evidence necessary to sustain your thesis.  We request only one sample, but a second may be included if desired.  Please do not submit samples beyond the 20-30 page limit.

General Comments

We are often asked what we emphasize in reviewing applications.  Most fundamentally, we are looking for evidence of scholarly achievement and talent.  While standard metrics like undergraduate grades may be helpful in ascertaining this, we place more emphasis on your statement of purpose and writing sample. The statement of purpose is very important and should therefore be crafted very carefully.  It is often the determining factor in the admission decision.  You should use the statement of purpose to summarize your academic background and preparation for future research in the history of science and to outline your planned course of study within our program.  The admissions committee places less emphasis on your personal biographical trajectory, but greater emphasis on your scholarly preparation for graduate study and your considered plans for training in our program.  Before submitting your application, you may find it helpful to have a faculty mentor at your current institution review the materials.

Department of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

If you have questions regarding your application materials, please contact:

Attn: Prof. Stephen Weldon
Department Chair
601 Elm Street, Room 625 
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-3106