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The University of Oklahoma is the home of two central publications in the field:

Technology and Culture

Technology and Culture, founded in 1959, is the preeminent journal for the history of technology. International and interdisciplinary, T&C publishes articles and research notes by scholars from a wide range of intellectual disciplines: history, sociology, engineering, law, architecture, anthropology, economics, philosophy, literature, to name a few. It also features essays and commentary on public affairs related to the interactions of technology and culture, reviews of museums and exhibits, and forty or more book reviews in each issue. Periodically the journal devotes an issue to a single theme; topics have included water technology in the Netherlands, medical and biomedical technology, patents, labor, and gender. Currently T&C numbers 1,500 individual and some 1,000 institutional subscribers in more than 30 countries.

Cover of an issue of the academic journal Technology and Culture

Isis Current Bibliography

The Isis Current Bibliography indexes new work in the history of science at the end of each year. Printed editions are issued as a supplement to Isis, and mailed to each member of the Society. Each annual issue typically contains more than 4000 entries. The entries are also loaded into the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine database maintained by OCLC. Free access to this electronic resource over the Internet is another benefit of membership in the Society. In July of 2002, the Society welcomed Stephen Weldon as its new Bibliographer. Stephen is based at the University of Oklahoma, where he also serves as a member of the history of science faculty.

World History of Science Online

In addition, the University of Oklahoma is a central partner in the World History of Science Online Project:

The main project objectives of the World History of Science are:

  • Employ recent information and communication technologies to provide Online access to bibliographies and catalogues of archives sources already prepared or in preparation in the IUHPS/DHS member countries, and encourage new work the prospect of prompt Web access.
  • Make accessible the world's scientific and technological bibliographies and archival sources through a central Website.
  • Contribute to build capacity in history of science and technology in all countries.
  • Make available historical information for the scientific and technological disciplines that require it.
  • Disseminate scientific information.
  • Stimulate the use of history of science and technology in decision making on public policies, education programs and public understanding of science as well as in the agendas of sustainable human development, among others.