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Rienk Vermij

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Rienk Vermij

Professor of the History of Science

Photographic portrait of Rienk Vermij
  • Propaedeutic Exam, Technical Physics, Technical University of Twente (Netherlands),1978
  • Doctoraalexamen [Master's degree] in History, University of Utrecht (Netherlands), 1984
  • Ph.D., Science and Arts [Wetenschappen], University of Utrecht (Netherlands), 1991

Rienk Vermij is from the Netherlands and was originally trained as a historian. He obtained his PhD at the Institute for History of Science at Utrecht University in 1991. In 2007, he came to OU. He specializes in early modern natural philosophy and astronomy. Among other topics, he has written on the reception of Copernicanism, Aristotelian meteorology, and the Enlightenment. Current research interests are the marginalization of astrology, the use of dedications in scientific texts, and the question how to write the history of science in an age in which the authority of science is no longer self-evident.

Contact me

Rienk Vermij
Department of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
The University of Oklahoma
601 Elm, Room 625
Norman, OK 73019

Office Tel: 1-405-325-5416


Recent Publications

Book cover for The Calvanist Copernicans by Rienk Vermij

The Calvinist Copernicans. The reception of the new astronomy in the Dutch Republic, 1575-1750 (Amsterdam: Edita KNAW, 2002) (distributed in the USA by Chicago University Press)

Book cover for David de Wied: Toponderzoeker in polderland by Rienk Vermij

David de Wied. Toponderzoeker in polderland (Utrecht: Matrijs, 2008)

Book cover for Kleine Geschiedenis van de Wetenschap by Rienk Vermij

Kleine geschiedenis van de wetenschap [Short history of science] (Amsterdam: Nieuwezijds, 2006) (reprinted in 2007, 2008, 2010)

Book cover for Christian Huygens by Rienk Vermij

Huygens. De mathematisering van de werkelijkheid (Diemen: Veen magazines, 2004) (reprinted in 2007)