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Create a Checklist in Canvas

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Create a Checklist in Canvas

Did you know you can create a checklist in Canvas using the Quizzes tool?

Checklists work great for:

  • A course Getting Started list

  • Steps to complete an assignment

  • Student acknowledgment of completed items in a module

  • A list of items to view and turn in each week

Checklist on a clip art clipboard with the words Week 1 To Do List at the top and a series of checked boxes and lines below.


  1. Create a quiz selecting the “Classic” quiz option

  2. Create multiple choice quiz questions

    • For each question include a “To do” item

    • In the answer for each question create two responses (such as done/not done, complete/incomplete)

  3. For the quiz settings:

    • Include instructions so students understand how to take the quiz and that they can come and go in the quiz until they complete all items and are ready to submit them (see the example quizzes below for wording)

    • Do not include a time limit

    • Select “Allow Multiple Attempts” and choose to keep the “Highest” quiz score



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