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Create a Sign-Up Sheet in Canvas

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Create a Sign-up Sheet in Canvas

Using Canvas Pages, you can post a sign-up sheet online for group projects, final presentations, or other course projects. Simply create a page in Canvas with your sign-up list and then allow students access to edit the page.


Graphic depicting a sign up sheet. The title at the top reads Project Sign up. There is a table with two columns. The left column is titled Country and has a list of country names below the title. The right column is titled Name and some of the cells have student names corresponding to the country they have signed up for for this project.

To create a Sign-up Sheet in Canvas:

  1. Create a Page.

    Create a new page in Canvas.

    How do I create a new page?

  2. Make the Page Editable for Students.

    Under the text edit box, click the Users allowed to edit this page drop-down menu and select Teachers and Students.

    How do I edit page settings?

  3. Add Explanatory Text and the Sign-up Sheet.

    Add introductory text and the sign-up sheet or table to the page.

    How do I insert a table on a Canvas Page?

  4. Click Save & Publish.

  5. Add or Link to the Sign-up Page.

    Add the Page to a module or link to it from a place where students have easy access such as an announcement or the home page.

    How do I add a page to Modules?

    How do I link to a Page using the Rich Content Editor?



Canvas help icon

Canvas help is easy to find and always available. Click the Help button in the Canvas global navigation for 24 hour support and great help guides.

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