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End of Semester Grading

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Canvas Teaching Tips


Canvas Teaching Tips are distributed by the Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences Online and Academic Technology Services office and offer SHORT helpful tips about Canvas, online learning, and academic technology. 

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End of Semester Grading

Don't Forget the Zero!

If a student has not turned in an assignment, ALWAYS mark a "0" or it won't be counted against their final grade. It if needs to be excused, mark it "EX."

Grading Table

If a student only turned in one assignment the whole semester and received a 90% for it, and the instructor did NOT put zeroes in for all the other assignments, the student would receive a 90% for a final grade.

Quick Fix

The fastest way to enter zeroes for missing assignments is to:

  1. Click the three dots to the right of the assignment title in Grades and select “Set Default Grade”
    Set Default Grade

  2. Enter a “0”, and do not check the box to “Overwrite already-entered grades”
    Enter 0

  3. Click "Set Default Grade"
  4. Canvas will then fill in zeroes for every student who does not have a grade for that assignment


Submit grades decorative image

To submit your grades:

  1. Make sure every assignment has a grade (or a "0" or "EX" if a student hasn't submitted something.)
  2. Set the course grade scheme in Canvas to "Letter Grade"
    (no +/- grades allowed)
  3. Submit grades in Banner (One)

Please click here for step by step instructions on submitting your grades in Banner/One.


Canvas help icon

Canvas help is easy to find and always available. Click the Help button in the Canvas global navigation for 24 hour support and great help guides.

Click here to view a guide on using Canvas Help

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