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Canvas Teaching Tips


Canvas Teaching Tips are distributed by the Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences Online and Academic Technology Services office and offer SHORT helpful tips about Canvas, online learning, and academic technology. 

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Setting up the Home Page & Navigation

The HOME PAGE and the course NAVIGATION are two of the first elements students see when entering a course in Canvas.

Making best use of these tools will help create a great learning space for students and reduce confusion and frustration.


In order to make it easier for students, navigation should be set to include only the items they will use. Typically this includes the following items, but it will depend on how each instructor is using Canvas for the course.

  • Home
  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Assignments
  • Grades
  • People

Click here for a guide to changing Course Navigation

Example course navigation


There are several different options for a home page in Canvas. For many courses, the Front Page option works very well. An instructor can design a page in Canvas and then assign it as the Front Page. This page could include helpful information for students and serve as a landing page for the course.

The following are some suggested items to include on a home page:

  • Introduce the course
  • Explain how to use the course
  • Link to important items
  • Display contact information

Steps and How to Guides for creating a custom Home Page:

  1. Click here for a guide to Create and Publish a page

  2. Click here for a guide to Set the new page as the “Front Page”

  3. Click here for a guide to Choosing “Front Page” as the Home Page option

Please Note: Our office has home page templates available and can help with creating home pages. Contact us at or (405) 325-5854 for home page assistance.

Welcomes students to your course

Reduces student clutter, confusion, and frustration

Provides clear direction


Canvas help icon

Canvas help is easy to find and always available. Click the Help button in the Canvas global navigation for 24 hour support and great help guides.

Click here to view a guide on using Canvas Help

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