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Course Video Resources

Photo of video studio camera in the foreground. The background is blurry with a person standing in front of a green screen.

Course Video Resources

Our office can help you effectively create and incorporate video into your online courses. We have resources below to help you get started. Please contact our office for more information.

Educational Video

Instructor-produced educational videos are an important component of online courses that enhance learning and student success when they are made well. It is important to know which types of video to use in an online course, and how to create effective educational videos.

Creating Effective Educational Videos

Creating your own videos for your courses is a great way to engage your students online. You want the videos to be effective and usual for many semesters to come, so while you are taking the time to create videos be sure to follow best practices for best results. Here are five important tips for creating effective videos.

Narrated Powerpoint Lectures

Did you know you can record your lectures right in Powerpoint and export your lecture recording as a video? This is the easiest way to create narrated video lectures for your online course.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is a great way to turn your Powerpoint-based lecture into a video that students can watch online. Our office supports Kaltura Capture and Zoom, but we are also happy to help you with other software of your choice.

MyMedia Video Quiz

Video quizzes are a great way to turn a passive video experience into an active learning opportunity. OU’s MyMedia video platform allows you to turn any video in your MyMedia library into a video quiz, including YouTube videos you have added to MyMedia. You can even use video quizzes as graded assessments in Canvas!