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Current Faculty

Headshot of Rusty Jones


Russell (Rusty) Jones

Department Chair

(Ph.D., University of Oklahoma)
Associate Professor Ancient Greek Philosophy
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 629


Headshot of Brian Burkhart


Olivia Leigh Branscum

(Ph.D., Columbia)
Lecturer; History of Early Modern Philosphy (mostly European), History of Metaphysics, History of Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Art

Pronouns: she/her/hers/they
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 622


Headshot of Brian Burkhart


Brian Burkhart

(Ph.D., Indiana)
Associate Professor; Native American Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Latinx philosophy
Pronouns: he/him/his/they
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 614


Headshot of Steve Ellis


Stephen (Steve) Ellis

(Ph.D., Rutgers)
Associate Professor and Graduate Liaison; Decision Theory, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics
LGBTQ+ Aspiring Ally
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 613



Adam Green

(Ph.D., Saint Louis University)
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Liaison; Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Psychology
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 610


Headshot of Tyler Huismann


Tyler Huismann

(Ph.D., Colorado)
Visiting Instructor; History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science
Office: Online


Headshot of Sherri Irvin


Sherri Irvin

(Ph.D., Princeton)
Presidential Research Professor of Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies, Associate Dean of the Graduate College; Aesthetics, Philosophy of Race
LGBTQ+ Aspiring Ally
Office: Robertson Hall rm 213


Headshot of Neal Judisch


Neal Judisch

(Ph.D., Texas)
Associate Professor;  Metaphysics, Action Theory, Philosophical Theology
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 618


Headshot of Martin Montminy


Martin Montminy

(Ph.D., Montreal)
Professor; Graduate Admissions; Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 626


Headshot of Amy Olberding


Amy Olberding

(Ph.D., Hawai'i)
President's Associates Presidential Professor; Early Chinese Philosophy, Ethics
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 617


Headshot of Wayne Riggs, Department of Philosophy Chair


Wayne D. Riggs

(Ph.D., North Carolina)
Professor; Epistemology, Value Theory
LGBTQ+ Aspiring Ally 2.0, Green Zone, OUR Voice Active Bystander/ Not On OUR Campus
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 628


Headshot of Edward Sankowski


Edward Sankowski

(Ph.D., Cornell)
Professor; Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Education, Aesthetics
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 625


Headshot of Edward Sankowski


Alison A. Springle

(Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)
Assistant Professor; Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Perception, Action, Ethics & Epistemology of Memory 

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/They/Theirs

Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 609


Headshot of Zev Trachtenberg


Zev Trachtenberg

(Ph.D., Columbia)
Director of the Environmental Studies Department; Professor; Social and Political Philosophy, Environmental Political Theory, Rousseau
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 627


Affiliate Faculty

Roksana Alavi

(Ph.D., University of Kansas)
Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Race, Gender

Diversity and LGBTQ+ Ally




Greg Heiser

(Ph.D., Penn State; J.D. University of Oklahoma)
Affiliate Faculty; Associate Provost and Director of Academic Integrity Programs; Philosophy of Law, Applied Ethics, Continental Philosophy


Retired Faculty

Headshot of Neera Badhwar


Neera Badhwar

(Ph.D., Toronto)
Professor Emeritus; Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, International Ethics


Headshot of Hugh Benson


Hugh Benson

(Ph.D., Michigan)
Professor Emeritus; George Lynn Cross Research Professor; Samuel Roberts Noble Presidential Professor; Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology. LGBTQ Ally.
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 620


Headshot of Monte Cook


Monte Cook

(Ph.D., Iowa)
Professor Emeritus; History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics
Office: Dale Hall Tower rm 620



Reinaldo Elugardo

(Ph.D., Western Ontario)
Professor Emeritus; Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language


Headshot of James Hawthorne


James Hawthorne

(Ph.D., Minnesota)
Professor Emeritus; Formal Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, Formal Logic, Artificial Intelligence



Kenneth R. Merrill

(Ph.D., Northwestern)
Professor Emeritus; History of Modern Philosophy, American Philosophy, Whitehead



Chris Swoyer

(Ph.D., Minnesota)
Professor Emeritus & Affiliated Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Science; Twentieth-Century Cultural, Intellectual and Political Thought, Philosophy of Logic; History of Modern Philosophy; Wittgenstein, Dewey, Heidegger, Sellars


Headshot of Linda Zagzebski


Linda Zagzebski

(Ph.D., UCLA)
Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Emerita; George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emerita; Graduate Liaison; Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Epistemology