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Teacher Resources

 5th Grade

These resources were gathered together thanks to the work of Eileen Gryzbowski and Kevin Warren. They are perfect for teachers who are preparing for a Soonertarium visit. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact us!

 7th Grade

Make Your Own Galaxy

This is a creative activity that requires the use of black paper plates, cotton balls, glue, quilt backing, and glitter (red, blue, gold, and silver). Don't like glitter? No problem! You can substitue something else, like colored confetti or salt glitter.

Kinesthetic Astronomy

The concepts addressed in these activities include scale models, the motions of the Sun and Earth, and the reason for the seasons. Included below are lesson plans, teacher guides, and props in case you wish to make your own materials.

Solar Motion Demonstrator

Rotation of the Moon

Additional Resources

 Make Your Own Planispheres

A planisphere is a type of star chart.

 Evening Sky Map

Every month, Skymaps produces and evening sky map that identifies planets, stars, and major constellations that will be in the evening sky for that month. Note that these sky maps may be utilized for non-commercial educational purposes under their Terms and Conditions.

 Observing Tips From McDonald Observatory

The McDonald Observatory publishes weekly observing tips that cover a wide range of interesting objects in the night sky.

Member Resources