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A program to mentor high school science teachers in particle physics.

QuarkNet is an educational program funded by the National Science Foundation. The program aims to help improve science education in high schools by establishing a nationwide science teacher network.

A summary of QuarkNet activities in the state of Oklahoma is available here (pdf).

Most Recent Workshop

Dates: July 24-26

Location: Physics & Astronomy Department, University of Oklahoma



Want to join us?


If you are interested in participating in a QuarkNet summer workshop, please contact:

Dr. John Stupak (OU) -

Dr. Joe Haley (OSU) -

Summer Workshop

Each summer, The University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) alternately host a summer workshop for Oklahoma high school science teachers. In these workshops, teachers learn the basics of particle physics and related research at the world's most advanced laboratories, as well as practical activities and data-analysis exercises that can be incorporated into their classrooms.