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Emine Altuntas

Emine Altuntas

Emine Altuntas



Office: LH 220




B.A. Amherst College (2011)

Ph.D. Yale University (2017)


My research builds on utilizing properties of quantum physics, such as entanglement and superposition, in atomic, molecular and optical systems to study phenomena that are classically intractable.  Ultracold atomic gases are at the forefront of this endeavor; they provide a versatile platform for developing robust quantum simulators. To realize such simulators we need to go beyond closed system Hamiltonian engineering, and control the system state and dynamics by incorporating the reservoir. Towards this goal, I am interested in the design and characterization of open system engineering in many-body quantum systems, specifically with Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs).  We employ two primary protocols in the study of open quantum systems with BECs: repeated weak measurements and feedback control. The second pillar of my research program focuses on new physics searches via precision measurements, quantum metrology and sensing. The study of discrete spacetime symmetries has been a primary research interest for me. Particularly, I study atomic parity violation (APV) — a manifestation of strong-force induced modifications of electroweak interactions. Measurements of APV present opportunities for unique impact in fields ranging from nuclear to particle physics. In this line of research, I employ quantum sensing technologies to establish a comprehensive experimental schedule measuring APV. 

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