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Kevin Mack-Fisher

Kevin Mack-Fisher

Graduate Student

Atomic, Molecular, & Optical Physics

A photo of Kevin Mack-Fisher.



Office: LH 241

Advisor: Doerte Blume


B.S. West Chester University (2017)


My background prior to joining the OU physics department was in experimental materials and chemistry. After joining the OU graduate program, I became interested in AMO theory where I work under the guidance of Prof. Doerte Blume. Our current work includes simulating tunneling dynamics of interacting atoms through a finite sized optical barrier. For this project, we use a ton of methods ranging from pen and paper to high-performance parallel computing regularly.

Awards & Honors

  • West Chester University - Board of Governors Scholarship - Full tuition merit-based scholarship for students enrolled in STEM. (2011-2015)
  • OU - Harwell Scholarship -  Departmental Scholarship (2021) 
  • OU - Neil Shafer-Ray Award - Scholarship to outstanding graduate students in physics. (2022)